Sayings and Quips: 12

Cut me some slack

Dance attendance on

Dare to be wise

Darker than the inside of a cow

Dead and gone

Dead as a doorknob

Dead as a mackerel

Death is just a part of life The last part

Deranged models deposed tree surgeons debarked and

Dire straits

Crisis proportions

Crisis situation

Crocodile tears

Crooked as a dogs hind leg

Cross that bridge when we get to it

Crossed my mind

Crossing the Rubicon

Crowded elevator smell different to midget

Cruisin for a bruisin

Cruising the bars

Crunch his hand into a fist

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

Cry like a baby

Cry me a river

Cry uncle

Crystal clear

Cuando hay hambre no hay pan duro

Cudgel your brains

Cult it just means not enough people to make a min

Cultivate your garden

Curiosity killed the cat

Curry favor cut a fine figure

Curry favor

Curse a blue streak

Customer is always right

Cut and dried

Cut and run

Cut and thrust

Cut bait and run

Cut of your nose to spite your face

Cut the Gordian knot

Cut the cheese

Cut the coat according to the cloth

Cut the mustard

Cut to the chase

Cut to the quick

Cute as a bugs ear

Cute as a button

Cutting through all the red tape

Daddy why does not this magnet pick up this floppy

Damn skippy

Damn with faint praise

Damned if you do damned if you dont

Damsel in distress

Dance an Irish jig

Dance cheek to cheek

Dance the night away

Dance your away around it

Daniel come to judgment

Dare to be different

Dark as night

Dark horse

Darkest before the dawn

Darling buds of may

Darting to and fro

Dat dawg do not hunt no more

Date rape

Daunting tasks

Davy Jones locker

Dawn is natures way of telling you to go to bed

Day in and day out

Daylight robbery

Dead as a dodo

Dead as a doornail

Dead as a nit

Dead cat bounce

Dead in the water

Dead letter

Dead of night

Dead right

Dead to rights

Dead wrong

Death and destruction

Death and taxes

Death is a gateway that leads to new life

Death is lifes way of telling you have been fired

Death is natures way of saying slow down

Death to all fanatics

Deaths doorstep

Deep in thought

Department of redundancy department


Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm

Designer stubble

Despite the cost of living have you noticed how po

Despite the cost of living it still remains so pop

Deus ex machina

Devil and the deep blue sea

Devil incarnate

Diamond in the rough

Diamonds are a girls best friend

Dictates of conscience

Did not even say hello drop dead

Did ya hear they took the word gullible out of the

Die in harness

Die is cast

Differences He thought he was god and I did not

Differently abled

Dig yourself out of a hole

Digging a hole for yourself

Dim view

Dime a dozen

Ding dong battle

Dirt bag

Dirt cheap

Dirt poor

Dirtier than a chimneysweeps neck

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