Sayings and Quips: 14

Do not use a lot where a little will do

Do not want to cover old ground

Do not worry about the horse being blind just load

Do not worry be happy

Do nothing

Do the wild mambo

Do the wild thing

Do they use sterilized needles for lethal injectio

Do whatever it takes to get the job done

Do witches run spell checkers

Do you have peanut butter in your ears

Do you have pigeon poop in your ears

Do you have potatoes growing in your ears

Do you think I am made of money

Docile as a lamb

Does a bear shit in the woods

Does a chicken have lips

Does fuzzy logic tickle

Does my heart good

Does not have a leg to stand on

Does not have enough sense to come in out of the r

Does not know his arse from his elbow

Does not know his elbow from a hairpin turn

Does not know if she is washing or hanging out

Does not know jack shit

Does not know shit from paint

Does not know shit from shinola

Does not know the difference between shit and appl

Does ten pounds of dough make a big biscuit

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell

Does the pope wear a funny hat

Does your train of thought have a caboose

Dog day afternoon

Dog days of summer

Dog days

Dog eared

Dog eat dog

Dog in the manger

Dog tired

Dog will hunt

Dogs believe they are humans Cats believe they are

Dogs bollocks

Dogs breakfast

Dogs dinner

Doing a slow burn

Doing stupid things is my way of making my life in

Doing the horizontal bop

Dollars to doughnuts

Done a runner

Done to a turn

Done to death

Done up like a Christmas tree

Donkey years

Double dutch

Double in brass

Double whammy

Doubting Thomas

Down and out

Down at heel

Down at the heels

Down in the dumps

Down pat

Down the hatch

Down the pan

Down the tubes

Down to earth

Draw a blank

Draw the line at

Draw the long bow

Dream turns to nightmare

Dressed better than Sunday

Dressed to kill

Dressed to the nines

Drier than a burnt bush

Drilling for oil is boring

Drink like a fish

Drink your coffee there are people in India sleepi


Drive defensively   buy a tank

Drive for show and putt for dough

Drive the point home

Drive you up the wall

Drives like a bat out of hell

Driving the porcelain bus

Driving while black

Drop a dime on you

Drop dead gorgeous

Drop in the bucket

Dropped like a stone

Dropping like flies

Drown your sorrows

Drug sniffing dogs

Drugs cause amnesia and other things I cannot reme

Drummed out of the army

Drunk as a sailor

Drunk as a skunk

Dry as a bone

Dry as a nuns nana

Dry as a popcorn fart

Dry as dust

Dull as dishwater

Dumb as a bag of hammers

Dumb as a box of rocks

Dumb as a doorknob

Dumb as a fencepost

Dumb as a post

Dumb as a stump

Dumb as bricks

Dumb as hell

Dumb like a fox

Dumber than a bucket of rocks

Dumber than homemade dirt

Dutch treat

Dutch uncle

Duvet day

Dyed in the wool

Dyslexic Satan worshipers think they are worshippi

Dyslexics have more fnu

Eager beaver

Eager for the fray

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