Sayings and Quips: 16

Existential angst

Failure is not falling down it is not getting up a

Fancy meeting you here

Excuse my French

Execution style


Experience is something you do not get until just

Experience is the name that everyone gives to thei

Experience is the thing you have left when everyth

Experts agree

Explore every avenue

Extraordinary rendition

Eye candy

Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth

Eye of newt and toe of frog wool of bat and tongue

Eye to eye

Eyeball to eyeball

Eyes are the windows to the soul

Eyes like stars

Eyes of a hawk

Eyes sparkled

F u cn rd ths u cn gt a gd jb n cmptr prgrmmng

Face as red as a beet

Face as white as a sheet

Face the music

Face up to the facts

Fact of the matter

Facts of life

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Failure is not an option It is a lifestyle

Failure teaches success

Faint heart never won fair maiden

Fair and square

Fair as day

Fair play

Fair to middling

Fair weather friend

Fait accompli

Faith can move mountains

Fake it till you make it

Fall between the cracks

Fall by the wayside

Fall between two stools

Fall down

Fall for it

Fall from grace

Fall guy

Fall off the back of a lorry

Fall head over heels

Fall on stony ground

Fall on deaf ears

Fall on your sword

Fall through the cracks

Fallen asleep yet

Fallen on hard times

Falling apart like a cornbread turd

Familiarity breeds contempt

False alarm

Famous for fifteen minutes

New Section

New Section

Fancy pants

Far and away the best

Far and away

Far be it from me

Far from the madding crowd

Fashion victim

Fast and loose

Fast and furious

Fast as lightning

Faster than a jack rabbit

Faster than a comet

Faster than a speeding crawfish

Faster than a speeding bullet

Faster than greased lightning

Fat as a cow

Fat cat

Fat as a pig

Fat have become such good friends

Fat slob

Father time

Fate worse than death

Favor us with a song

Feast or famine

Fear and loathing

Feast your eyes on this

Feed a cold starve a fever

Feather your nest

Feeding frenzy

Feed it

Feel all caged up like an animal

Feel all cooped up

Feel like I have been to two county fairs and a go

Feel crook as a dog

Feel like a blind dog in a meat house

Feeling bad is just a new sensation

Feel like a fifth wheel

Feeling his oats

Feet of clay

Feet smell Nose runs Hey you are upside down

Fell down the ugly tree and hit every branch

Fellow traveler

Festive board

Few and far between

Few balloons short of a parade

Few women admit their age Few men act theirs

Few fries short of a happy meal

Fiddling while Rome burns

Few women admit their age few men act it

Fie foh fum I smell the blood of an Englishman

Field day

Field this one

Fiery eyes

Fiery haired

Fiery hot

Fiery red

Fiery temper

Fifteen minutes of fame

Fifth column

Fight fire with fire

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