Sayings and Quips: 20

Good men and true

Gut wrenching

Going to hell in a hand basket

Going to hell in a handbasket

Golden age

Golden mean

Golf   gentlemen only ladies forbidden

Golly gee willikers

Gone but not forgotten

Gone dolally

Gone for a burton

Gone to ground

Good as gold

Good as new

Good bad or indifferent

Good childrens literature appeals not only to the

Good fences make good neighbors

Good hands

Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at

Good in parts

Good is a cake if you can not eat it

Good man is hard to find

Good night sleep tight and do not let the bed bugs

Good riddance

Good samaritan

Good she will give me the other one

Good things come in little packages

Good things come to those who wait

Good time was had by all

Goodbye is not an easy word to say

Goods and chattels

Goody two shoes

Gordon bennett

Got a cob up his ass

Got a frog in your throat

Got a hole in his pocket

Got a hole in my pocket

Got a leg up on it

Got a loaf in the oven

Got enough money to burn a wet mule

Got knocked up

Got my mojo working

Got off on the right foot

Got one foot in the grave

Got taken for a ride

Got them by the short and curlies

Got you over a barrel

Got your hand caught in the cookie jar

Got your head in the clouds

Grab the bull by the horns

Grab your socks and pull up your jocks

Grabs my attention

Graduate of the uncle fester and keith moon school

Grand slam

Granny dumping

Grapes of wrath

Grasp at straws

Grasp the nettle

Grass does not grow on a busy street

Gravity it is not just a good idea it is the law

Gray eminence

Greased lightning

Great open spaces

Great unwashed

Greater love hath no man

Greatest thing since sliced bread

Greek to me

Green as grass

Green eyed monster

Green thumb

Green with envy

Green-eyed monster

Gregory peck

Grim reaper

Grin and bear it

Grin like a possum

Grind to a halt

Grinning like a cheshire cat

Grist for the mill

Ground zero

Grow your own dope plant a man

Growing like a weed

Grows up he will never be able to edge his car ont

Gun control use both hands

Gung ho

Guns do not kill people but they make it real easy

Guns do not kill people postal workers do

Guys just because you have one does not mean you h

Ha ha that was a thigh slapper

Habit is a second nature

Had eyes that would burn a hole right through you

Had eyes that would pierce right through you

Had hate in his eyes

Had his bell rung

Had ice cold eyes

Had love in his eyes and lust in his heart

Had me stumped

Hair like silk

Hair of the dog that bit you

Hair of the dog

Hair today   gone tomarrow

Hairy as an ape

Hairy eyeball

Halcyon days

Half a bubble off

Half a loaf is better than none

Half baked idea

Half inch

Half seas over

Half the people in the world are below average

Half the people you know are below average

Hand in glove

Hand over fist

Hand over hand

Hand to mouth existence

Handbags at ten paces

Handle it with kid gloves

Hands as big as bushel baskets

Hands down

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