Sayings and Quips: 32

Life is a long hard climb

Life is an open door It can be closed at any time

Life is hard then you die

Life is hard

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Life is life

Life is messy

Life is not all beer and skittles

Life is not all fun and games

Life is not hard it only needs some positive think

Life is not so bad when you consider the alternati

Life is short death is long

Life is too complicated in the morning

Life is too short

Life is tough and then you die

Life is unfair

Life is what happens to you when you are busy maki

Life is what happens while you are busy making oth

Life is what you make it

Life of riley

Life stinks

Life sucks and then you die

Life you would have received better instructions


Lift myself up by the bootstraps

Lift your game

Like school in the summer no class

Like stink on shit

Light a fire under it

Light as a feather

Light travels faster than sound

Lighten up

Lighter than air

Lightning never strikes twice

Lights are on but no one is at home

Lights off

Like a bat out of hell

Like a blind man in a dark room

Like a bolt from the blue

Like a breath of fresh air

Like a broken record

Like a bull in a china shop

Like a bump on a log

Like a bump on a pickle

Like a cat on a hot tin roof

Like a chicken with its head cut off

Like a cork in the ocean

Like a dog chasing cars

Like a duck on a june bug

Like a duck on water

Like a fish out of water

Like a fox in a hen house

Like a hen pecked husband

Like a kid in a candy store

Like a little fly on the wall

Like a man on a mission

Like a moth to a flame

Like a nail

Like a possum eating shit

Like a red flag to a bull

Like a sore thumb

Like a thief in the night

Like a three ring circus

Like a time bomb waiting to explode

Like an accident waiting to happen

Like an idiot

Like balling the jack

Like being savaged by a dead sheep

Like being shot out of a cannon

Like billy o

Like chalk and cheese

Like death warmed over

Like father like son

Like flies on shit

Like flopping in a pint glass

Like getting your tit in the wringer

Like greased lightning

Like lambs to the slaughter

Like looking for a needle in a haystack

Like pantyhose on a mermaid

Like peas in a pod

Like pigs in a poke

Like shooting fish in a barrel

Like stealing candy from a baby

Like taking candy from a baby

Like the clappers

Like the dickens

Like the plague

Like the pot calling the kettle black

Like there is no tomorrow

Like tits on a bullfrog

Like trying to piss up a rope

Like two fleas on a dog arguing who owns the dog

Like two peas in a pod

Like walking on egg shells

Like walking on eggshells

Like water off a ducks back

Like white on rice

Line up and be accounted for

Line up and be counted

Linux because rebooting is for adding new hardware

Lions and tigers and bears oh my

Lions led by donkeys

Lions share

Lips as red as a cherry

Little black book

Little knowledge is a dangerous thing

Little pitchers have big ears

Little shaver

Little strokes fell great oaks

Live and learn

Live and let live

Live dangerously

Live every day as if it were your last

Live in the present not in the past

Live long and prosper

Live off the fat of the land

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