Sayings and Quips: 38

Now let us all repeat the nonconformist oath

99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name

Number one fan

Now or never

One day I will wake up and it will all fit togethe

Nurses call the shots

Now santa claus is missing

One eyed jack

Nuts and bolts

Now this will not hurt a bit

One foot in the grave

Nul points

One for the books

O would not kick him outta bed for eating crackers

Numb as a hake

One for the road

O ye of little faith

Nutty as a fruitcake

One french fry short of a happy meal

Obtained a black eye over something

On him like ugly on an ape

One good beer deserves another

Odd man out

One good deed deserves another

Odds and ends

One good turn deserves another

Odds bodkins

One hand does not always know what the other is do

Of all the things I have lost I miss my mind the m

One hit wonder

Of all things

One in a million

Of course life is hard that is why they pay you th

One justice for all

Of course there is no reason for it it is just our

One lost ten found

Of mice and men

One mans foul weather is another mans fair

Of the first magnitude

One mans meat is another mans poison

Of the first water

One mans trash is another mans treasure

One nice thing about egotists they do not talk abo

Of their imagination

One night stand a

Of thinking

One over the eight

New Section

One sandwich short of a picnic

Off and running

One sandwitch short of a picnic

Off the beaten track

One size fits all

One slice short of a loaf

Off the record

One small step for man

Off the top of my head

One step at a time

Off the wall

Opened another can of worms

Pack a wallop

Oh they have slain the earl of moray and lady mond

Oh to be a fly on the wall

Oh what a tangled web we weave

Oh woe is me

Ok so what is the speed of dark

Okay for shit to happen will decompose

Okay who put a stop payment on my reality check


Okey dokey

Old adage

Old age is nothing to worry about except if you ar

Old as dirt

Old as the hills

Old as time

Old blowhard

Old coaches never die they just lose their balls

Old customs die hard

Old fools

Old guard

Old habits die hard

Old meets new

Old saw

Old standby

Older and wiser

Older than dirt

Older than methusala

Older than the crust on my grandmas underpants

Olympic proportions

On   both of them might still be alive today

On a hiding to nothing

On a roll

On a short leash

On a wild goose chase

On a wing and a prayer

On bended knee

On carey street

On cloud nine

On equal footing

On his last legs

On my cats

On my desk I have a work station

On ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

On pins and needles

On queer street

On solid ground

On the ball

On the bandwagon

On the beam

On the brink of disaster

On the carpet

On the dole

On the double

On the edge of my seat

On the edge of your seat

On the horns of a dilemma

On the house

On the lam

On the level

On the make

On the nose

On the other hand you have different fingers

On the other hand

On the qt

On the rampage

On the run

On the shoulders of giants

On the tip of my tongue

On the up and up

On the wagon

On to something

On top of the world

On with the motley

On your beam ends

On your tod

Once bitten twice shy

Once in a blue moon

Once in a dogs age

Once more unto the breach dear friends once more

Once the toothpaste is out of the tube it is hard

One bad apple spoils the bunch

One born every minute

One brick short of a load

off the wagon

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