Sayings and Quips: 40

Passing gas

Patience of job

Passionate kiss just like spider web lead to undoi


Pat on the back

Patience is a mild form of dispair disguised as a

Pave the way

Patience is a virtue

Patter of little feet

Pay an arm and a leg

Pay a kings ransom

Pay as you go

Picture perfect

Pay attention to details

Pillar of society

Pay the dept of nature

Pillar of the community

Pay the piper

Play hot potato

Pay through the nose

Pay your money and take your choice

Payback is hell

Paying lip service

Pea brain

Peaches and cream complexion

Pearls before swine

Pearls of wisdom

Pears for your heirs

Peas in a pod

Peel out

Peel the onion one layer at a time

Peeping tom

Pell mell

Pennies from heaven

Penny for your thoughts

Penny pincher

Penny wise and pound foolish

People in cars cause accidents Accidents in cars c

People make mistakes we are human

People who live in glass houses should not throw s

People who make confucius joke speak bad english

Perfect love casteth out fear

Pester power

Peter out

Petered out

Photons have mass I did not even know they were Ca

Physician heal thyself

Pick a number between one and 10

Pick and choose

Pick his brain

Pick over the ruins

Pick your friends nose

Picket fence

Picture of health

Picture perfectt

Pie in the sky

Piece of cake

Piece together all the details

Pig in a poke

Pigment of their imagination

Pillar of the establishment

Pin a rose on your nose

Pin money

Pinch a penny

Pinch a posey

Pinch me to see if I am dreaming


Pinpoint accuracy

Pipe down

Pipe dream

Piping hot

Piss out the fire call the dogs and lets go home

Piss poor

Pissed as a fart

Pissed as a newt

Pissing down rain

Pissing off the whole planet one person at a time

Pitch black

Pitched battle

Place your cards on the table

Plain as a rainy tuesday

Plain as day

Plain sailing

Plans for xyz took a step toward reality

Plates of meat

Play a trump card

Play both ends against the middle

Play by ear

Play dead like a possum

Play fast and loose

Play it again sam

Play it by ear

Play like you practice

Play musical chairs

Play possum

Play the cards you are dealt

Play the final card

Play the race card

Play with fire

Play your cards right

Played me for a fool

Playin poker with the pros

Playing hardball

Playing possum

Playing the field

Playing with fire

Pleased as a pig in mud

Pleased as punch

Plenty of fish in the sea

Plenty to go around

Plugged nickel

Point percy at the porcelain

Point to point

Poison pen

Poker face

Police station toilet stolen cops have nothing to

Politically correct

Politics makes strange bed fellows

Polynesia   memory loss in parrots

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