Sayings and Quips: 42

Quaff a brew

Radioactive cats have 18 half lives

Quality time

Rag tag and bobtail

Quantum mechanics the dreams stuff is made of

Rags to riches

Que sera sera

Ragtag and bobtail

Queen for a day

Railroad him right out of town

Queer as a three dollar bill

Rain cats and dogs

Queer street

Rain drenched

Queer the pitch

Rain fails to dampen

Quick as a bunny

Rain on your parade

Quick as a cat

Rain or shine

Quick as a flash

Rain showers

Quick as a lick

Rainbows are just to look at not to really underst

Quick as a wink

Raining buckets

Quick as lightning

Raining cats and dogs

Quick off the mark

Raining like a cow peeing on a flat rock

Quick on the draw

Raining stair rods

Quick study

Raise cain

Quicker than a new york minute

New Section

Quicker than lager turns to piss

Raise his hackles

Quicker than shit through a goose

Raise the dead

Quid pro quo

Raise the roof

Quiet as a mouse

Quit busting my chops

Raising cain

Quit giving me the 3rd degree

Quit horsing around

Raking in the dough

Quit like a bad habit

Raking it in

Quit while you are ahead

Rally round


Ran his fingers through his hair

Rabbit and pork

Rank and file

Rack and ruin

Rarin to go

Rack my brain

Raspberry tart

Radical chic

Rat race

Raised in a sandbox

Rats abandon a sinking ship

Rake over the coals

Rattle the rafters

Rattle trap

Rattling round like a pea in a jam jar

Raze to the ground

Read between the lines

Read him like an open book

Read it and weep

Read me like a book

Read my lips

Read something into it

Read the handwriting on the wall

Read the riot act

Read the tea leaves

Ready for the funny farm

Ready for the nut house

Ready to face it

Real women do not have hot flashes they have power

Real world

Realised the interuptions were my work

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination

Reality is a crutch for people who can not handle

Reality is a nice place but I would not want to li

Reality is for people who can not handle drugs

Reality is the only obstacle to happiness

Realization of how much you already have

Really and truly

Really laying it on thick

Really on the ball

Reamed him out

Receive a black eye over this

Receive his just rewards

Red as blood

Red carpet treatment

Red handed

Red headed stepchild

Red herring

Red letter day

Red meat is not bad for you Fuzzy green meat is ba

Red on a tomato

Red tape

Red-letter day

Reed thin

Refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed pe

Rehab is for quitters

Reign supreme

Religion is the opium of the people

Remember Half the people you know are below averag

Remember first you pillage then you burn

Remember the alamo

Remove all doubt

Rest assured

Rest in peace

Rest on ones laurels

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