Sayings and Quips: 43

Rests on his laurels

Rode hard and hung up to dry

Result would be the same

Rode hard and hung up wet

Rhyme nor reason

Rode hard and put away wet

Rhyming slang

Roll out the red carpet

Richard of york gave battle in vain

Roll over in his grave

Richard the third

Roll with the punches

Riding on my coattails

Riding shotgun

Rolling in the dough

Riding the wild pony

Rolling over in his grave

Right as rain

Rome was not built in a day

Right on the money

Rose is a rose is a rose

Right on the nose

Rough and ready

Right up your alley

Rough and tumble

Ring around the collar

Rough as a cob

Ring down the curtain

Rough as sandpaper

Ring fencing

Rough diamond

Ring in the new year

Round as an apple

Ring the changes

Round third and head for home

Rings a bell

Rub salt in the wound

Rinky dink

Rubbing salt in his wounds

Rise and shine

Ruby red lips

Risk life and limb

Rule of thumb

River of tears

Rule with an iron fist

Road hog

Rule with an iron hand

Road rage

Rules are made to be broken

Road to hell is paved with good intentions

Rumors goes in one ear and out of many mouths

Road to perdition

Run a fever

Roar like a lion

Run a temperature

Roaring fire

Run amok

Rob peter to pay paul

Run circles around

Robbing peter to pay paul

Run it up the flagpole and see who slautes it

Rock and a hard place

Run like a deer

Run like the wind

Run of the mill

Run off at the mouth

Run out of steam

Run the gauntlet

Run the table

Run to earth

Run with the fox and bark with the hounds

Running dog lackey

Running taxicabs or cutting hair

Running with wolves

Runs like a girl

Runs like a top

Rushed to the hospital

Russian roulette

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers

Sacred cow

Sad sack

Sadder and wiser

Saddled with work

Safe and sound

Safe than sorry

Sahara desert

Sailor who get discharged from navy leave buddies

Salad days

Sales pitch

Salt of the earth

Same ole same ole

Same shit different day

Same song and dance

Same time same place

Santas elves are just a bunch of subordinate claus

Sarcasm is just one more service we offer

Sat bolt upright

Saturday night special

Save a cow eat a vegetarian

Save by the bell

Save face

Save for a rainy day

Save gas eat beans

Save the whales Collect the whole set

Save water   take a bath with your neighbors daugh

Saved by the bell

Saving grace

Savoir faire

Sawing a log

Say goodnight gracie

Say uncle

Say what you will

Say yer prayers

Says after that is the beginning of a new argument

Scarce as hens teeth

Scared dogs bark most

Scared of his own shadow

Scared out of his wits

Scared stiff

Scared to death

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