Sayings and Quips: 47

Spineless wimp

Spinning your wheels

Stand the gaff

Spirits at a parade or

Stand up and salute the red white and blue

Spit and polish

Stand up guy

Spitting image

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Split hairs

Star crossed lovers

Spoil the fun

Staring off into space

Spring forward and fall back

Stiff upper lip

Spring has sprung

Still water runs dirty and deep

Spring to life

Spruce up

Stark raving mad

Square deal

Start from scratch

Stark, raving mad

Square meal

Square off

State of the art

Squeaky wheel gets the grease

Statistics are for losers

Squirrel who run up womans leg not find nuts

Stalking horse

Staying power

Stayed too long at the fair

Stay in your own circle

Stand and deliver

Stand on your own two feet

Steal a march

Steal a march on

Stand pat

Steal his thunder

Steal victory from the jaws of defeat

Steal ones thunder

Stealing the show

Steeper than a cows face

Steer clear

Step on a crack break your mothers back

Step on it

Step up

Sterilize stupid people

Stick a fork in him he is done

Stick in the mud

Stick it to the man

Stick it where the sun do not shine

Stick to your guns

Stick to your last

Stick up for the little guy

Stick with it

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words wi

Sticky wicket

Sticks out like a sore thumb

Stiff as a board

Stiff as an old boot

Stiffen the sinews

Stiffer than a june brides dream

Stiffer than a 2 peckered billy goat

Still as a church mouse

Still grow but only to be troubled and insecure

Still wet behind the ears

Stinking to high heaven

Stir up a fuss

Stir up a hornets nest

Stir up an ants nest

Stirring up trouble

Stomp around like an elephant

Stone deaf

Stone the crows

Stones throw

Stony hearted

Stop and smell the roses

Stool pigeon

Stop crying or I will give you something to cry ab

Stop honking you will wake the guy in the my trunk

Stop milking a dead cow

Stop on a dime

Stop repeat offenders Do not re elect them

Stop searching Happiness is right next to you

Stop the presses

Stopped short

Store bought

Storm tossed

Stow it

Straight as an arrow

Straight from the horses mouth

Straight from the shoulder

Straighten up and fly right

Strain at the leash

Strain at a gnat and swallow a camel

Stranger in a strange land

Strange bedfellows

Strangled to death

Stream of consciousness

Stray off the reservation

Street smarts

String along


Strip mining prevents forest fires

Strong as a bull

Strong as a truck

Strong as a lion

Strong as an ox

Strut around like a banty rooster with your chest

Stubborn as a mule

Stuck in a rut

Stuff and nonsense

Stuff that dreams are made of

Stuffed shirt

Stump up

Suburbia where they tear out the trees and then na

Stupid is as stupid does

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