Sayings and Quips: 48

Success always occurs in private and failure in fu

Sweating bullets

Success has a thousand fathers while failure is an

Sweating like a pig

Success is a journey not a destination

Sweating like a whore in church

Such is life and it is getting sucher and sucher

Sweep it under the carpet

Sucking hind teat

Sweet 16 and never been kissed

Suffer the agony of defeat

Sweet as apple pie

Suffer the ravages of outrageous fortune

Take up the cudgels

Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake

Takes on a life of its own

Sun drenched

Sunday driver

Sweet as apple pie

Support bacteria   they are the only culture some

Sweet as pie

Support the police beat yourself up

Sweet as sugar

Support your local search and rescue unit Get lost

Sweet fancy moses

Surf and turf

Sweet fanny adams

Survival of the fittest

Sweetness and light

Suspension of disbelief

Swim like a fish

Swallow your pride

Sword of damocles

Swan song

Sworn affidavit

Sweat blood

Ta ta for now

Sweating blood

Table your plans

Tackle my homework

Tact is the art of making a point without making a

Take a back seat

Take a bow

Take a breather

Take a bullet for you

Take a chill pill

Take a crap

Take a dump

Take a hike

Take a leaf out of your book

Take a leak

Take a licking and keep on ticking

Take a lick

Take a load off your feet

Take a long walk off a short pier

Take a long walk off a short plank

Take a page out of your book

Take a powder

Take a raincheck

Take a shine to

Take a slow boat to china

Take a timeout

Take a walk on the wild side

Take by storm

Take care of your thoughts and they may become wor

Take everything in moderation Including moderation

Take him down to a peg

Take him to task

Take it at face value

Take it easy and if you get it easy take it twice

Take it easy

Take it like a man

Take it on the lam

Take it or leave it

Take it to the limit

Take it with a grain of salt

Take off you hoser eh

Take one for the team

Take pen in hand

Take potluck

Take the bit between your teeth

Take the bit in his teeth

Take the bitter with sweet

Take the bull by the horns

Take the cake

Take the mickey

Take the money and run

Take the plunge

Take the rough with the smooth

Take the veil

Take the wind out of his sails

Take the world by storm

Take the world by the balls

Take this job and shove it

Take umbrage

Take with a pinch of salt

Take your fate into your own hands

Taken aback

Taken to the cleaners

Taken with a grain of salt

Takes its toll on you

Takes one to know one

Takes the cake

Taking his pound of flesh

Taking the scenic route

Tale of woe

Taling about apples and oranges

Talk in circles

Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand

Talk it up

Talk of the devil

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish

Talk through ones hat

Talk through your hat

Talk to the hand

Talk turkey

Talk until you are blue in the face

Talk your ear off

Talking behind his back

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