Sayings and Quips: 54

To err is human To forgive is against company poli

Too many cooks in the kitchen

Too many cooks spoil the broth

To err is human

Too many freaks not enough circuses

To everything there is a season

Too many freaks, not enough circuses

To feather your nest

Too many irons in the fire

To fish in troubled waters

Too much of a good thing is wonderful

To generalize is to be an idiot

Too much of a good thing

To get a red ass over someting

Too much of everything is just enough

To gild refined gold to paint the lily

Too poor to paint and too proud to whitewash

To go postal

Too rich for my blood

To have a bone to pick with you


To have a knack for it

Took me to the cleaners

To have and to hold

Took off like a bat out of hell

To have egg on your face

Took off like a shot

To have half a mind

Tooth and nail

To prevent hangover stay drunk

Top dog

To stick in ones craw

Top drawer people

To tell you the truth

Top notch

To the best of my ability

Top of the morning

To the best of my knowledge

Torn asunder

To the manner born

Touch and go

To the victor go the spoils

Touch of blarney

To the victor goes the spoils


To to ah

Touchy feelie

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arri

Touchy feely

To vacillate or not to vacillate   that is the que

Tough act to follow

To wear sackcloth and ashes

Tough as boot leather

Tobacco road

Tough as leather

Today is the first day of the rest of this mess

Tough as nails

Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Tout de suite

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday

Tow the line

Today is the yesterday you worried about tomorrow

Tower of strength

Todays children would be less spoiled if we could

Tracers work both ways

Toe curling

Track record

Toe the line

Traditional family values

Together and setting my pantyhose on fire

Train of thought

Tomorrow is another day

Train surfing

Tomorrow no one will remember

Treat each day as your last one day you will be ri

Tomorrow will be canceled due to lack of interest

Treat your friend like a parachute

Tongue in cheek

Trials and tribulations


Trick or treat

Too clever by half

Tried and true

Too close for comfort

Tried before

Too hungry to eat

Trim ones sails

Too late to finish it

Trip the light fantastic

Too little too late

Trouble and strife

Too many chiefs and not enough indians

toilet mouth


True blue

Truth is nothing but a feeling that something is t

Truth is relative

Truth is stranger than fiction

Truth will out

Try as I might

Try as hard as you can

Try as you may

Try your hand at something

Trying is failing with honors

Trying to put a square peg in a round hole

Tuckered out

Turn a blind eye

Turn a deaf ear

Turn back the clock

Turn on a dime

Turn over a new leaf

Turn something into a zoo

Turn the other cheek

Turn the tables

Turn the table

Turn up trumps

Turnabout is fair play

toilet mouth

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