Sayings and Quips: 5

As white as snow

Ashes to ashes dust to dust

Ask and you shall receive

At breakneck speed

At deaths door

At least I do not have to count with someone else

All wet

Are you the keymaster

Are you wearing lipstick Well mind if I taste it

Arm and a leg

Armchair quarterback

Armed to the teeth

Armed with a search warrant

Arms length

Army brat

Ars longa vita brevis

Art imitates life

Artificial intelligence is no match for natural st

Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidi

Artsy craftsy

Arty farty

As I said before I never repeat myself

As an outsider what do you think of the human race

As beautiful as the day is long

As big as a whale

As black as newgates knocker

As black as the ace of spades

As brown as a berry

As busy as a bee

As cold as a witches tit

As cold as any stone

As common as grandma at bingo

As confused as a cow knee deep in spring thaw

As cool as a cucumber

New Section

As crooked as the bend in a river

As dead as a dodo

As dead as a doornail

As dead as dead can be

As deep as a dark blue lake

As every schoolboy knows

As far as the eye can see

As fast as lightning

As fat as a pig

As fate would have it

As fine as frogs hair

As fit as a butchers dog

As fit as a fiddle

As fun as watching grass grow

As good as gold

As good luck would have it

As happy as a clam

As happy as larry

As helpful as a screen door on a submarine

As high as a kite

As honest as the day is long

As horny as a three balled tomcat

As if

As innocent as a dirty hoof print in virgin snow

As interesting as two blind men having a conversat

As keen as mustard

As long as I can remember I have had amnesia

As long as there are tests there will be prayers i

As luck would have it

As mad as a hatter

As mad as a march hare

As many chins as a Chinese phone book

As much use as a yard of pump water

As nervous as a pregnant possum

As nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo

As nice as ninepence

As off as a bucket of prawns in the midday sun

As old as dirt

As old as methuselah

As old as the hills

As one man

As plain as black and white

As plain as the nose on your face

As pleased as punch

As popular as a red haired step child

As queer as a nine bob note

As rich as a foot up a bulls ass

As screwed up as a football bat

As sharp as a cafeteria meatball

As slow as a pregnant nun going to confession

As slow as molasses in January

As slow as molasses

As solid as the ground we stand on

As sound as a drum

As straight as a die

As the crow flies

As they go by

As thick as a brick

As tight as cramp

As unavoidable as death and taxes

As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party

As wise an owl

As xxx as yyy

Ask me about microwaving cats for fun and profit

Ask me about my vow of silence

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies

Ask not for whom the bell tolls Let the machine ge

Ask not wont not

Ask questions

Asleep all day

Assholes are

Assumption is the mother of all screw ups

At a loss for words

At age 66 I am bisexual  I said bye to sex

At first blush

At his fingertips

At least it was a very interesting experience

At loggerheads

At long last

At loose ends

At one fell swoop

At sixes and sevens

At the crack of dawn

At the drop of a hat

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