Sayings and Quips: 6

At the stroke of midnight

Back seat driver

Be good if you can not be good have fun

Be it ever so humble there is no place like home

Be safety conscious 80% of people are caused by ac

Be that as it may

Beat you with experience

At the end of the day

At the end of the pecking order

At the tip of my tongue

At the tip of ones tongue

At this point in time

At wits end

At your beck and call

Ate like a pig

Atheism is a non prophet organization

Atheists can do whatever the hell they want

Attack me at once

Attempt to get a new car for your spouse   it will

Attention span measured in micro seconds

New Section

Auld lang syne

Automatically lose because he can not find himself

Avoid it like the plague

Avoid like the plague

Aw prairie shit

Aww fuck me

Babble like a brook

Babe in the woods

Baby blues

Baby boomer

Baby father

Back and demand a full refund

Back and fill

Back in a sec

Back in the brown shoe days

Back in the saddle

Back the field

Back to basics

Back to square one

Back to the drawing board

Back to the salt mines

Back to the salt mine

Back up my hard drive How do I put it in reverse

Backhanded compliment

Backroom boy

Bad blood

Bad books

Bad cop no donut

Bad egg

Bad hair day

Bad hands

Bad spellers of the world untie

Badge of honor

Badgered to death

Bag and baggage

Bag of bones bag of tricks

Bags all packed and ready to go

Balance of power

Bald as a cucumber

Bald as an eagle

Bald faced liar

Bald guys never have a bad hair day

Ball and chain

Ballpark figure

Balls to the wall

Banding together to beat the odds

Bandy words with

Bang on about

Banging your head against a brick wall

Baptism of fire

Bar him for life

Barge right in

Bark up the wrong tree

Baseball is wrong Man with four balls cannot walk

Bask in his glory

Basket case


Bat out of hell

Bat the idea around

Bated breath

Bats in the belfry

Batten down the hatches

Batteries not included

Battin your eyes like a toad frog in a hailstorm

Battle royal

Battle with cancer

Be afraid be very afraid

Be all and end all

Be all things to all men

Be as crooked as a dogs hind leg

Be at peace with yourself

Be careful or I will punch your ticket

Be careful or you will poke your eye out

Be different Conform

Be naughty and save Santa the trip

Be nice to your kids because they will choose your

Be still my beating heart

Be the first with the most all of the time

Be there or be square

Be tolerant of the human race Your whole family be

Beam ends   on your

Bear the brunt

Bear the burden and the heat of the day

Beard the lion in his den

Beast with two backs

Beat a dead horse

Beat a hasty retreat

Beat about the bush

Beat around the bush

Beat swords into plowshares

Beat the 5 oclock rush leave work at noon

Beat the bushes

Beat the meat

Beat the rap

Beat them all hollow

Beaten like a stepchild

Beating a dead horse

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