Sayings and Quips: 8

Bought the farm

Brass balls

Black as soot

Black as tar

Black holes are where god divided by zero

Black on black

Black sheep of the family

Black sheep

Blast from the past

Blaze a new trail

Blaze a trail

Bleeding heart

Blew his wad

Blind ambition

Blind as a bat

Blind leading the blind

Bling bling

Blonde bombshell

Blood brothers

Blood is thicker than water

Blood on my hands

Bloody minded

Bloom where you are planted

Blot on the landscape

Blow a raspberry

Blow hot and cold

Blow off steam

Blow your mind

Blow your stack blown to smithereens

Blowing a gale

Blowing up a storm

Blown away

Blue Monday

Blue blood

Blue collar job

Blue in the face

Blueprint for growth

Blunt words have the sharpest edge

Blushing bride

Bolt from the blue

Bombs do not kill people explosions kill people

Bone up for the final exam

Boobs look bigger

Booby prize

Booby trap

Boogie woogie

Boon companion

Booze and broads

Booze cruise

Bored to tears

Born again

Born and bred

Born and raised

Born free Taxed to death

Born free and taxed to death

Born to party forced to work

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth

Born within the sound of bow bells

Borrow money from pessimists because they do not e

Boss eyed

Bottom line

Bottoms up

Bought a lemon

Bought the farm

Bow and scrape

Bowled a maiden over

Boy howdy

Boys will be boys

Brain trust

Brains of a biology specimen

Brand spankin new

Brand spanking new

Brass hat

Brass tacks

Bravery is being the only one who knows you are af

Brazen it out

Bread and butter play

Break a leg

Break the bank

Break the color barrier

Break the habit

Break the ice

Break the news

Break the wind

Breathes his last

Bred and buttered

Brewing up a storm

Bricks and clicks

Bright and early

Bright as a button

Bright as day

Bright as the sun

Bright eyed and bushy tailed

Bring home the bacon

Broad in the beam

Broken and dirty

Broken heart

Brownie points

Bruit about

Brummagem screwdriver

Bubble and squeak

Bubble shy of plumb

Buckle down

Buckle under

Built like a brick outhouse

Built like a brick shithouse

Built like a tank

Built like a truck

Built to last

Bull by the horns

Bull in a china shop

Bump in the night

Bums on seats

Bun in the oven

Bunch of fives   a

Bunny boiler

Bureaucracy a method of turning energy into solid

Bureaucrats cut red tape lengthwise

Burn the candle at both ends

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