Sayings and Quips: 9

Busier that a one armed paper hanger

Busy as a one legged man at an ass kicking contest

But enough about me

Can not get there from here

Can not tell his ass from a hole in the ground

Can you top this

Burning rubber

Burning the midnight oil

Burning up the track

Burning up

Burning with desire

Bury the hatchet

Bury your head in the sand

Busier than a long snake in the mall parking lot

Busier than a one armed paper hanger

Busier than a one eyed cat watching two mouse hole

Busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking con

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking con

Busier than a pig on ice

Busier than a three legged cat in a dry sand box

Business as usual

Busting a gut

Busy as a bear in a beehive

Busy as a beaver

Busy as a bee

Busy as a cat on a hot tin roof

Busy as a one armed paperhanger

Busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest

Busy hands are happy hands

But seriously

Butter him up

Butter would not melt in her mouth

Butterflies in his stomach

Buy a pig in a poke

Buy for a song

Buy the farm

By a far sight

By a long chalk

By all means after you

By and large

By courage I repel adversity

By fits and starts

By hook or by crook

By leaps and bounds

By the board

By the book

By the grapevine

By the same token

By the seat of his pants

By the skin of your teeth

By the sweat of his brow

By the time you can make ends meet they move the e

Cackle like an old hen

Cady is dandy but liquor is quicker

Cakes and ale

Calamity howler

Call a halt

Call a spade a spade

Call his bluff

Call in question

Calls it quits

Calm before the storm

Came at me like a bat outta hell

Came out of thin air

Came the dawn

Came to the conclusion of his traveling thoughts

Came up roses

Came up smelling like roses

Can I trade this job for what is behind door numbe

Can a blind person feel blue

Can do then do it

Can not a cat look at a queen

Can not be counted on in the clutch

Can not beat that with a stick

Can not blame him for trying

Can not call your soul your own

Can not chose family

Can not cut it

Can not for the life of me remember

Can not hit the broad side of a barn

Can not hold a candle to him

Can not hold a candle to

Can not judge a book by its cover

Can not place a finger on it

Can not put my finger on it

Can not say not knowing

Can not see beyond the end of his nose

Can not see the forest for the trees

Can not top it

Can not win for losing

Can not win for the sake of losing

Can of corn

Can of worms

Can or can not take a joke

Can vegetarians eat animal crackers

Can we ever really know when our philosophy assign

Can you be a closet claustrophobic

Candle at both ends

Candy is dandy

Cant say I would

Canteen culture

Captain of his soul

Captain of industry

Carbon footprint

Card sharp

Cardinal sin

Careful what you wish for

Carnival atmosphere

Carpe diem

Carpenters rule cut to fit beat into place

Carried him off in

Carrot on a stick

Cart before the horse   put the

Carte blanche

Case in point

Case of mistaken identity

Cash on the nail

Cast aspersions

Cast bread upon the still waters

Cast into outer darkness

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