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» Cynicism
   » Homeopathy
   » Chromosomes
   » Next Mood Swing
   » Does Care
   » "Is this the best we can do?"
   » "Real men...a KEG"
   » Hang Up
   » I Survived 'Parsifal'
   » LIFE
   » Venus
   » Disarmament
   » "You can't do"
» Politics
   » "Revolution"
   » Touch my JUNK
   » We Have Overcome
   » Let Obamalot begin!
   » Obamalot
   » Marriage Bus
      » Marriage Bus (b)
      » Marriage Bus (p)
   » Ba-rock Obama
» Religion
   » Periodic table/keyboard
   » Ingersoll
   » No Religion (M East)
   » One True God
   » Hitchlings
      » Raised as a Hitchling
      » Raising Hitchlings
   » If Science is a Religion...
   » "Science will win"
   » " right by accident"
   » Imagine No Religion
   » "Science can't..."
   » Einstein (God/dice)
   » Zombie
   » Simplicty
   » Science-moon
   » Probably no God
   » Prayer (phone)
   » 665 - beast
   » 665 - Evil
   » The Magnifying Glass
      » Magnifier - basic
      » Magnifier-blue
      » "Or maybe not"
   » Science: Q Religion: A
   » "Atheist"
   » "Ignorance...knowledge"
   » "God Not Found"
   » "Blasphemy"
   » "Make Religion History"
   » "NO GOD
   » WWJ(udas)D?
   » "Karma/Dogma"
   » I don't KNOW
   » Anglers/Anglicans
   » Build That Wall!
   » Reject Genesis
   » Russell's teapot
   » God's character
      » God's character (RD)
      » God's character (TJ)
      » Gods character (both)
   » The Dawkins Consolation
   » LIFE
   » Creationist Geography
   » Pray - think
   » God vs ...
      » God vs Santa
      » God vs Tooth Fairy
   » Intelligent Design
      » Stupid design (eye)
      » Stupid Design (throat)
      » Stupid Design (birth)
      » Stupid Design (male)
      » Sets of three
      » Male/Female Pairs
      » Toenails?
   » 100 gods
   » My Country is the World
   » When I do good
   » ID - by Jupiter!
   » Polytheists
   » One god too many
   » What Would Silas Do?
   » Nobody Knows
» Sex
   » Alpha Male
   » Testosterone
   » How I Want You
   » Porn inches
   » "Behold!"
   » Smugglers
   » I [spade] ...
      » I [spade] my cat
      » I [spade] my dog
   » Fornicator
      » Fornicator - Old English
      » Fornicator - art nouveau
   » Pro-choice
   » "Anywhere..."
   » A Force of Nature
      » "The Matin' Call?"
      » "No Instruction Manual Needed"
» Preggy gear
   » A Bun in the Oven
   » Buns in Oven
   » Babies on Board
» Diversity
   » "I am all of us"
   » "Different Isn't Wrong"
   » We Are The Cure
      » "We are the cure" (discreet)
   » Rainbow
   » Since when
      » "Since when?" (discreeet)

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Welcome to The Wero Shop

Wero means "challenge" and products here are more confrontational than those in the associated Ataahua Shop. (The logo image is the head of a taiaha, a fighting staff used in ceremonial challenges.) Look here for items featuring politics, religion, cyncism and sex - everything that makes life worthwhile!

In the "religion" section you'll find a head-on attack on "intelligent design" - simple demonstrations of stupid design in the human body, and self-evidently better design. Also a list of 100 gods not to believe in, including some well-known ones. You'll find Richard Dawkins' classic description of the God of the Old Testament / Hebrew scriptures, and Thomas Jefferson's descriiption of His revised standard version.

And for men who don't have it all, gifts that instantly give them an impressive endowment!

All profits from the designs in this store now go towards Mila, a baby with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, having the operation (selective dorsal rhizotomy) she needs to enable her to move freely and escape a life in a wheelchair. More about Mila


Always look on the dark side...
Cyncial - but funny


That's liberal politics.
Liberal (from the same root
as "Liberty")
is not a dirty word


For atheists, "athiests",
agnostics, freethinkers,
rationalists and those
against polytheism
- and monotheism.


about sex

Preggy gear

Preggy gear
Cheerful ways
to announce
your pregnancy
including some
just for


Gay, Lesbian,
Bisexual, Transgendered
Intersex, Ability

- we're as good as anyone!

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