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» Flippin' Amazing!
» A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy No Bush!
» Full Frontal Politics
   » Thomas Jefferson
      » A Little Rebellion
      » Fear The People
   » Rapture is not an Exit Strategy
   » Morally Treasonable
   » The Canadian Advantage
   » Time to Reform
   » Let's Drink to Teddy!
   » Rub Their Noses In It!
   » The Grand Old Flag
   » Politics
      » Political Buttons and Magnets!
         » Three of a Kind Beats a Small Pair
         » Throw the Bastards In Buttons and Magnets
         » It's the Party of Principle!
         » Who would Jesus bomb?
         » Fight Terror - Buy American!
         » Some Promises Matter
         » Got Company?
            » Wear it
      » Political Bumperstickers.
         » Who would Jesus Bomb?
         » FRISKED & DELAYED
         » More BU**SH**!
      » Anti-Bush
         » I Love Bush!
         » Patriot Games
            » Clothing
            » Posters, Prints and Cards
         » They Lied?
      » Pro-Liberty
      » Who would Jesus bomb?
» Autism And Aspergers
   » The Aspie Smile
      » Rainbow Unsmily
      » Flat Blue Unsmily
   » Aspie Squish Team
   » Free Wetware Foundation
   » Unpuzzled Graphics
      » If you are confused...
      » Help find a Clue!
   » Celebrate Neurodiversity!
   » Hug Hard, I'm Aspy!
   » Dark Designs
   » Different does not mean Broken
   » Free Range Autistic
      » Free Range Autistic
      » Blue Free Range Autistic
   » Free Range Aspie
      » Blue Free Range Aspie
      » Free Range Aspie
   » Albert Einstein
   » If you're aspie and you know it...
» Upscale Gifts
   » Cameras
   » Framed orignial Art
   » Ceramic Tile Gifts
      » The Pensive Elf
» Youth and Booty
   » Gigglebits the Faery
   » I am a Teenager!
   » Queen of all Drama
» Bestsellers!
   » If You Got It, A Trucker Brought It
   » Bob's Best Bumperstickers
   » No Whining!
      » Tech No Whining
      » Your Basic No Whining
      » End Conservative Whining
      » No O'Rielly Whining
» Seasonal Gifts and Greetings
   » An Evil Cat Christmas!
      » A PERFECT Christmas!
   » No L Sign
   » No L Snowflake
   » Seasonal Ornaments
      » Various Designs
   » Holiday Cards & Postage
» Over the Rainbow
   » Rainbow Girl - A Pride of Tolerance
   » Facing Left
   » Diamond Rainbow
» Gandhi
   » Gandhi's Family Values
   » One of the So Called Little People
   » Seven Deadly Social Sins
» Current Events
   » Impeach
   » How Many Republicans?
   » When the Macaque hit the fan
      » Yenta Mama Allen
      » George Allen; Racist
   » Bush v. Pubic Hair
   » Mr. Lincoln's Words
   » My Vote
» Mother's Day
   » Motherhood Is
   » Hearts and Flowers
   » I Love Mom
» Mutt Love!
   » The Goofalous Dog
   » Happy Puppy!
   » Double Dog Dare
   » Purebred Bitch
   » Happy Puppy Noses!
   » Dogs Got Politics?
» Ye Old Novelty Shoppe
   » Sunnyside Up
   » Boobies!
      » Boobies!
      » Looking is fine...
      » Sunnyside Up?
   » Fluffy Bunny!
   » Romance
      » Romance is
      » EverReady Girl
      » Better than Flowers
      » Produce Girl
      » For Mom
         » Special Moms get Special Things
      » Hearts and Flowers
   » Signs of our Times
      » Territorial Male
      » Open to Negotiation
      » Open to Anything
   » The Medication...
   » Approach at own Risk
   » What Stress - Vibrocolored
   » Pure Design
      » Arrow Theme Tiles
      » Dolphin
      » Abstract
   » Red Rose Logo
      » URL Items
      » Just the Rose, Please
      » Truth Hurts; Treasure the Thorns
   » Citizens for Visible Prosperity
   » Bunni, The world's cutest rabbit
      » Big Bouncy Bunnis!
      » Bunni wanna PLAY!
      » Bunni - Just Bunni
   » Coffee Monkey

Shopkeeper Bio
Reno, Nevada
Member Since: 2001

Three things I know for sure:
Never lick a light socket,
Don't spit into the wind,
And Never, EVER trust what
a Bush says unless it's on fire!

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Flippin' Amazing!

Flippin' Amazing!
Customized "Flip" video cameras customized with amazing art and custom designs.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy No Bush!

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy No Bush!
This is one hell of a moment, even if not much more change happens, just getting rid of bush and the cronies we have been beset by, just by getting a president who's not a laughingstock and an embarra

Full Frontal Politics

Full Frontal Politics
A selection of in-your-face, unapologetic designs aimed squarely at those who would trade their liberty for a little security.

Autism And Aspergers

Autism And Aspergers
Give the gift of acceptance this year with our upbeat Aspie and Autie Acceptence designs!

Upscale Gifts

Upscale Gifts
For those important people on your gift list, beautiful and impressive items designed to demonstrate your special interest and attention.

Youth and Booty

Youth and Booty
Fun, youthful, perhaps a tiny bit naughty, for kids, tweens, teens and college students; there are things here that will tell everyone that you didn't shop at Wal-Mart.


Hey, this isn’t Target! The people ahead of you barely bruised the grass. Could it be they found something ESPECIALLY cool?

Seasonal Gifts and Greetings

Seasonal Gifts and Greetings
It's always the season - like, why would you be here, otherwise? I have a whole selection of quirky, unique gift ideas which will blow anyone's mind.

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow
My version of a Rainbow Pride flag, featuring original art and a beautiful leftward rainbow. A beautiful gift to give any lesbigay friend or family member. It's even a better gift to wear it yourself


Politics without principle * Wealth without work *
Commerce without morality * Pleasure without conscience * Education without character *Science without humanity * Worship without sacrifice

Current Events

Current Events
Up to the moment news on bumperstickers, tee shirts and coffee mugs for the terminally au courant!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
Mother's Day is coming up fast!

Mutt Love!

Mutt Love!
Mutt Love celebrates our mixed-breed Dalmation/Chow, our Lab/Border Collie, the general idea of Dalmations and happy dogs, and of course, that they sleep on the bed.

Ye Old Novelty Shoppe

Ye Old Novelty Shoppe
From sexy to silly to outragious, these original designs will cause heads to turn! Maybe to laugh, maybe to chase you with a stick...

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