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IANA Merchandise
Vancouver area of Canada

I'm not anti-American. However, it doesn't mean I want to be confused as one.

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A long time ago, a wise guy once said “Let him that is without sin cast the first stone”. Or something like that. Times have changed, but social no-no’s haven’t. Everyone does it but no-one admits it.

Silent (but usually deadly) farts in a crowded elevator, nostril mining while waiting for the lights to change, peeing in the neighbour's pool because you don't want to get out of the (now warmer) water, or even double-dipping your corn chip on the buffet. Sure you've done it and you know someone who has. Yet would you admit to it? Now you can.

Elevator Farts

Elevator Farts
Let he who is without
Elevator Farts
Cast the first stone

Peeing In The Pool

Peeing In The Pool
Let he who is without
Peeing in the pool
Cast the first stone.

In-Car Nose Picking

In-Car Nose Picking
Let he who is without
In-car nose picking
Cast the first stone

Double Dipping

Double Dipping
Let he who is without
Double dipping
Cast the first stone

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