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» If Sex Is A....
» Help The Police - Beat Yourself Up! (6 Designs)
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» Corey Is A Wanker
» I Didn't Need This...(2 designs)
» Art By Chizuko (4 designs)
» Spare Change (2 designs)
» Daddy's Little HomeBoy / HomeGirl / Homie
» Cast The First Stone (4 Designs)
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   » Peeing In The Pool
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IANA Merchandise
Vancouver area of Canada

I'm not anti-American. However, it doesn't mean I want to be confused as one.

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Welcome to the IANA Merchandise web store, home of www.iamnotamerican.com products and other original designs by IANA Merchandise. Please select your CONCEPT below to view all available designs and merchandise. All products sold on these pages are produced and distributed by CafePress.com. All prices are in US dollars (oh, the irony!)

I Am Not American

I Am Not American
As seen on CNN, this is the ORIGINAL "I am not American" product line. To learn more details about this concept, visit our web site at http://www.iamnotamerican.com

If Sex Is A....

If Sex Is A....
Yes, it's true...if sex is a pain in the ass, you're doing it wrong.

Help The Police - Beat Yourself Up! (6 Designs)

Help The Police - Beat Yourself Up! (6 Designs)
Protest excessive police force. Choose from SIX designs - RCMP ("Taser" Edition), Vancouver, Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles or 'Your Local' police departments or REQUEST A CUSTOM DESIGN.

Corey Is A Wanker

Corey Is A Wanker
What else is there to say?

I Didn't Need This...(2 designs)

I Didn't Need This...(2 designs)
Oh, you know you're a real bargain hunter, so here's your opportunity to share your latest deal with the whole world!

Art By Chizuko (4 designs)

Art By Chizuko (4 designs)
View a selection of merchandise featuring art by 7 year-old Chizuko.

Spare Change (2 designs)

Spare Change (2 designs)
Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to deal with people approaching us and asking for SPARE CHANGE at awkward monents?

Choose from the POLITE way or the RUDE way to say 'no'.

Daddy's Little HomeBoy / HomeGirl / Homie

Daddy's Little HomeBoy / HomeGirl / Homie
Is your munchkin daddy's little homeboy or homegirl? Of course they are. This design concept came to me on a Saturday morning as I enjoyed the company of my not quite two-year-old. I hope you enjoy

Cast The First Stone (4 Designs)

Cast The First Stone (4 Designs)
We all know that everyone pees in a pool, farts in an elevator or does one of many other social boo-boos, and yet no-one is brave enough to admit it. Now show how courageous you are.

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