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David Brin's Uplift Universe ( http://www.davidbrin.com/upliftbooks.htm )is a riveting storyverse filled with an ancient alien culture, fantastic species, and the people of Earth trying to find their place, with the help of their "Uplift Clients", the chimpanzees and dolphins. Get your souvenirs, shirts, mugs to show that you too have traveled to this richly interesting Universe. David has graciously allowed Underbrain Industries to retrieve these souvenirs from his incredible Storyverse for the enrichment of all the fans out there. Enjoy!!


"You May Soon Be Typical" spoken by the Quantum Eye supercomputer in David Brin's newest novel "Existence". Access the multiverse now...

Earth Uplift Center

Earth Uplift Center
Were it not for our friends and Uplift Clients, the dolphins and chimpanzees, things might have turned out quite differently when Earth first encountered the civilization of the Five Galaxies...

got civilization?

got civilization?
We take it for granted that our civilization and civilized behavior is permanent and pervasive. Is it really?

Galactic Library Institute

Galactic Library Institute
Instantly recognizable throughout The Five Galaxies, the emblem of the Galactic Library Institute is a symbol of the continuity of Galactic civilization through time immemorial...

Terrgens Marines

Terrgens Marines
AS Earthclan makes it's way into the dangerous intricacies of Galactic Civilization, it is the wily Terragens Marines who protect us and our colonies. Always outgunned, our defenders have often surpri

Starship's Bow Emblem

Starship's Bow Emblem
This logo must be displayed on the bow of each starship of the oxygen breathing species in the Five Galaxies. Wear your emblem shirt as you travel through this rich multi-billion year old culture...

Galactic Migration Institute

Galactic Migration Institute
The Galactic Migration Institute ensures that planets, stellar systems, and whole Galaxies are given time to rest and go fallow, so that new species may develop, ripe for Uplift...

Galactic Uplift Institute

Galactic Uplift Institute
The Galactic Uplift Institute is nearly equal to the Galactic Library Institute in power and influence. The Uplifting of Client species to sentience and adopting them into the Clans is the foundation

Galactic Navigation Institute

Galactic Navigation Institute
The Galactic Navigation Institute is not the most powerful, but it's maintenance of the routes between the Five galaxies and the various levels of Hyperspace are needed throughout Galactic Civilizatio

Galactic Institute of Civilized War

Galactic Institute of Civilized War
The Galactic Institute Of Civilized War ensures that the inevitable cycles of War do not boil out of control or harm the ecosystems of planets of The Five Galaxies

Progenitor Emblem

Progenitor Emblem
Many billions of years ago, the revered Progenitors were the first to uplift a Client species to sentience, thereby beginning the process of Uplift. All Clans and species seek to emulate the Progenito

Galactic Progress Institute

Galactic Progress Institute
The Galactic Progress Institute is possibly the least influential Institute. The reverence for the Library makes the addition of new ways and knowledge a less than valued activity.

Universal Oxygen Symbol

Universal Oxygen Symbol
The ancient Civilization of the Five Galaxies are bound together through a common breath, Oxygen. All Clans unite when it comes to peaceful coexistence with our Hydrogen breathing neighbors

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