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» Underbrain Industries
   » Underground Mind Worker's Union, Local #1
   » Symbology
      » Current Balance
      » Grounded
      » The Resistance
      » Static Cling
   » Transmissions from the Underbrain
      » Signal to Noise
         » Signal to Noise - Light
         » Signal to Noise - Dark
      » Soul Window
         » Soul Window - Light
         » Soul Window - Dark
      » Underbrain
         » Underbrain - Light
         » Underbrain - Dark
         » Underbrain - Basic
         » Underbrain - 3D
   » code monkey
      » The New Black
      » ThinkGreen
      » feel bold
      » ICnRGB
      » Peace Work
         » Peace Work - LCD
         » Peace Work - Dot Matrix
   » OddJobs
      » YouAreHere
» Uplift Universal
   » Existence
   » Earth Uplift Center
      » Earth Uplift Center Full
      » Earth Uplift Center Basic
      » Earth Uplift Center Plea
   » got civilization?
   » Galactic Library Institute
   » Terrgens Marines
   » Starship's Bow Emblem
   » Galactic Migration Institute
   » Galactic Uplift Institute
   » Galactic Navigation Institute
   » Galactic Institute of Civilized War
   » Progenitor Emblem
   » Galactic Progress Institute
   » Universal Oxygen Symbol
» See Ya In Hell
» Just Words
   » Sporadic Genius
   » Do it for the Whuffie in the Dark
      » Do it for the Whuffie
   » wrong answer
» GaMeRS
» Bucky's Dome
   » Home Sweet Dome
   » Home Sweet Dome Oval

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Browse Products

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These concepts are not exclusive to each other. At Underbrain Industries, we strive to blend 'the Big Three' to produce T-shirt images for the 21st century nerd, geek, gamer, and other futurist. All our images are produced under strict laboratory conditions and are tested against well considered imaginary standards. Welcome all futurists who need custom tee shirts and other gear.

WARNING! All statistics, findings, survey results, and other 'scientific data' are bogus and are presented purely as a marketing ploy. Enjoy!

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Underbrain Industries

Underbrain Industries
This is the home of our main imaginary research team. Get your general nerd and geek shirts here...

Uplift Universal

Uplift Universal
Researchers from Underbrain Industries have ventured into David Brin's Uplift Universe. We have returned with shirts and gifts from The Great Galactic Institutes.

See Ya In Hell

See Ya In Hell
Ever got that judging look from someone because of your tattoos?? This design answers all those looks!

<b>Just Words</b>

Just Words
Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but words leave permanent emotional scars. These custom nerd tee shirts and other geek gifts use merely words to convey their meaning...


These designs are the venerable logo of the newly formed video gaming design student group at SIUC:
Game Mechanics Research Studio (GaMeRS) Enjoy!!

Bucky's Dome

Bucky's Dome
These designs celebrate R. Buckminster Fuller's contribution to humanity. Specifically, his creation of the first geodesic dome home in Carbondale, IL. in 1960. Declare your love of domes or Bucky her

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