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   » Dour Dogue Coffee?!
   » The Stare
   » Dour Dogue No. Just...No.
» Twisted Imp Coffee
   » Dour Dogue Coffee?!
   » Dangerous When Decaffeinated
   » Twisted Imp Dangerous When Decaff Too
   » Coffee Based Life Form
» Twisted Imp On Marriage
   » Wifezilla
   » Family Psych Experiment
   » Twisted Imp Resident Love Goddess
   » Married Men Live Longer
   » Twisted Imp Marriage and the O-Zone
   » Life Insurance Pays Better Than Alimony
   » Marriage, The Original Game of Survival
   » Twisted Imp Ultimate Survival Game
   » Twisted Imp Marriage and Pot
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   » Resident Love Goddess
» Twisted Imp on Parenting
   » Family Psych Experiment 2
   » Remember When Children Were Disciplined?
   » Brat Is Not A Learning Disability
   » Who Did It?
      » Who Did It? Boys
      » Who Did It Girls
   » Mom Not Maid!
   » Hokey Pokey
   » Twisted Imp Family Psych Experiment
   » Where's the Mute Button?
» Twisted Imp on Children
   » Little Bum, Big Stink
   » Daddy's Lil Squirt
   » Formula Sucks!
   » I Get Boob, Daddy's Jealous
   » Twisted Imp I Only Look Sweet and Innocent
   » Yard Apes And Future Yard Apes
   » I Don't Wipe Myself
   » Twisted Imp Cute, But Drooly
» Twisted Imp on Divorce
   » Twisted Imp Murder Is Second
   » Alimony Is Worth It
   » Allergic To Assholes
   » Allergic To Bitches
   » Allergic To Psychos
» Twisted Imp Fed Up With Stupid
   » Exxxactly!
   » Stupid Is Forver
   » Twisted Imp Prove Darwin Wrong
   » Twisted Imp Prevent Stupid
   » Twisted Imp Support Darwinism
   » At Least You're Pretty, Cause You Sure Aint Bright
» Twisted Imp Everything Else
   » Mid Life Crisis
   » Freak Of Nature
   » Murder Is Second
   » Twisted Imp Drunk and Ugly
   » Twisted Imp Internet
   » Twisted Imp You're Like Herpes
   » Twisted Imp Not PMSing
   » Not User Friendly
   » Voices In My Head
   » Men Are Like Chocolate
   » Twisted Imp Praying Lotto Gods
   » Earth Is Full
   » Duct Tape Is The Answer
   » Twisted Imp Mute Button
» Twisted Imp Allergies
   » Allergic To Fanatics
   » Allergic To Jerks
   » Allergic To Psychos
   » Allergic To Kids
   » Allergic To Bitches
   » Allergic To Zealots
   » Allergic To Assholes
   » Allergic To Brats
   » Allergic To Ugly
   » Allergic To Stupid
» Twisted Imp On Careers
   » Scrubs Are Sexy 2
   » Scrubs Are Sexy!
   » Construction
» Twisted Imp On Homeschooling
   » Homeschool Cause Of Kids Like Yours
   » My Dad Is My Best Teacher!
   » Famous Homeschoolers
   » My Mom Is My Best Teacher!
   » Proud Unschooler
   » Proud Homeschooler
» Twisted Imp On Faith
   » Its CHRISTmas
   » Twisted Imp Believe (Red)
   » Believe (Aqua)
   » Believe (Pink)
   » Believe (Blue)
» Mother's Day
   » Resident Love Goddess
   » Mother's Day
   » MOM Not MAID
» Photography By Imp
   » Children
» Twisted Imp on Sex
   » Freak Of Nature
   » Betty Is Ready
   » Twisted Imp Resident Love Goddess
   » Twisted Imp Foreplay Isn't Optional
» Twisted Imp on Valentine's Day
   » Twisted Imp Drunk and Ugly
   » Murder is Second
   » Twisted Imp Resident Love Goddess
   » Valentines For Little Ones
   » Twisted Imp Wife Puts Out
   » Chocolate Gets You Laid

Member Since: 2005

A twisted sense of humour is what you'll find at Twisted Imp. For the softer side of Imp, please check out Sweet Nothings!

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Welcome to Twisted Imp! The shop is divided into different sections based on subject. By clicking on each heading, you'll find a myraid of designs to choose from. Sarcastic, edgy, twisted humour is a hallmark of the Twisted Imp designs. We also have more family/general public designs under 'Sweet Nothings' and offer a selection of maternity designs! Everything you're looking for in tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, baby gear, mousepads and more can be found right here in Twisted Imp. As a special offer to Twisted Imp, we also have original photography artwork made available by the artist under "Photography". New designs have been added in almost every category, so if you're a return visitor, be sure to check them out!

Sweet Sayings For Everyone

Sweet Sayings For Everyone
Gentler side of Twisted Imp, designed with parents and grandparents in mind. Hard to find kids clothes, and a fantastic way to announce a new arrival!

Twisted Imp's Dour Dogue!

Twisted Imp's Dour Dogue!
Welcome to Twisted Imp's Dour Dogue section! Find our cranky looking pup on cafe press items!

Twisted Imp Coffee

Twisted Imp Coffee
Designs for the coffee lover! Mugs, t shirts, sweatshirts and so much more can be found here, all perfect for the coffee addict with the sense of humor!

Twisted Imp On Marriage

Twisted Imp On Marriage
A view on marriage, Twisted Imp style. Funny, sarcastic and edgy. Makes for a great gift at bach parties, wedding showers, birthdays and anniversaries, Valentine's Day...For anyone, anytime!

Twisted Imp Maternity

Twisted Imp Maternity
This is a Twisted Imp view on conception, pregnancy, and new mom experience. Here you'll find due date items, and some Twisted Imp designs! Warning, some designs may offend!

Twisted Imp on Parenting

Twisted Imp on Parenting
Ah, the joys, the noise and chaos that is parenting. If you're a parent yourself, know someone that is, or seeking a comment on the parenting in today's society, these are the designs for you!

Twisted Imp on Children

Twisted Imp on Children
Designs for babies, toddlers and older children! If they could say what they wanted to, this is what you might hear! Warning, some might find this offensive!

Twisted Imp on Divorce

Twisted Imp on Divorce
Divorce happens, and sometimes it hurts, and other times it's the fastest and best weight loss you'll ever experience! Forget dieting, lose the dead weight in divorce court! New designs added often!

Twisted Imp Fed Up With Stupid

Twisted Imp Fed Up With Stupid
Stupid seems to be on the rise in today's world. Look at Paris! Here are a number of designs best classed as being 'anti-stupid'. T shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, its all here, in many Twisted designs

Twisted Imp Everything Else

Twisted Imp Everything Else
Sarcastic designs that don't fit easily into a category are all here! Several to choose from, and more always coming! Find your favorite design on t shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, baby gear, etc

Twisted Imp Allergies

Twisted Imp Allergies
We hear all about peanut bans, bee stings and more. I got to wishing we could ban Stupid like we ban peanuts, so how about some Allergies, Twisted Imp style?

Twisted Imp On Careers

Twisted Imp On Careers
We all work for a living, unless we win lotto, or inherit. So, here's a section for all us working stiffs! Construction, medical, office and more! New designs added frequently!

Twisted Imp On Homeschooling

Twisted Imp On Homeschooling
Homeschool, unschool, here's where you'll find the designs for you! From Proud Homeschooler to sarcastic humor, there's sure to be a tee shirt for you! Coffee mugs, tshirts and more! Click HERE!

Twisted Imp On Faith

Twisted Imp On Faith
Faith, religion, belief, spirituality, this is where you'll find designs with a positive, inclusive outlook.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day
All the designs for Mother's Day! Sarcastic humor, some created just for Mothers Day! Custom Designs available in under 24 hours! Tshirts, mugs and more! Check out Sweet Nothings too!

Photography By Imp

Photography By Imp
Original photography by the artist. Available on calendars, mugs, journals and more!

Twisted Imp on Sex

Twisted Imp on Sex
Lets face it, sex can be funny! These designs take a Twisted Imp view on sex. New designs are always being added. All designs are available on coffee mugs, t shirts, sweatshirts and more!

Twisted Imp on Valentine's Day

Twisted Imp on Valentine's Day
Twisted Imp takes on Valentine's Day! From funny and sarcastic for adults to soft and sweet for families, its all here! Make your Valentine's Day a special Twisted one!

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