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"Funny t-shirts and gifts that are cool enough for the in crowd, but made for geeks."

Welcome to Supergeek Returns, the definitive home of humorous and sarcastic apparel and gifts featuring retro, 80's, and modern pop culture, such as popular music, movies, and television shows, along with funny gifts for geeks and gamers. You'll even find some inspirational gifts in the motivational section, all just in time for the Christmas and holiday season.

You can shop for some quality holiday, Halloween, birthday, graduation, and Christmas gifts right here for that special someone. I have a special someone, and someday she'll realize just what she's missing and have that restraining order lifted. She's so silly!

Many of the original and funny gifts and clothing you'll find here have a geek theme. Why a geek theme? I don’t know, because I’m not a geek myself. It’s true. I just wanted to make that clear. In fact, I’m actually really cool, not that I'm bragging or anything. My mom said I was cool before she fixed me some cookies today, and she's an expert because she's old and has been around forever. Girls dig me something fierce and guys admire me for being so cool. Seriously, I ooze coolness. I’m kind of like a coolness sore that gets infected, but not gross like that.

...ok, this “positive affirmation” crap isn’t working. I'm going to ask for a refund on that self help book.

I admit it. I’m a geek. There, said it. And I’m (sort of) proud of it. I like comic books, computers, the Internet, and video games—all that geeky stuff like that. So you shouldn’t be surprised to find that a lot of these designs are on the geeky side. Rest assured, however, that all of the designs have been certified as cool. I asked a bunch of cool people—I sneaked into the Cool People Meeting disguised in pastel parachute pants and mirrored sunglasses—and they all signed affidavits testifying to the coolness of these designs. Then they gave me wedgie. Those crazy cool people!

So, a sweatshirt or a ringer tee about the evils of blogging? Geeky and sarcastic, but cool.

A magnet or a button chronicling the dangers of online role-playing games? Ditto—cool geek.

A coffee mug or boxer shorts bragging that old school video game weapons looked like suppositories? Well, you’re on your own there.

Some of the designs stray from the cool geek theme, though. I grew up in the 80’s, so I’m sort of biased to the pop culture trends of that decade. Things were simpler back then, and the lack of the high tech gadgets like the Internet or fancy computer games or mandatory seatbelts forced us to get more creative in our fun, hence lawn darts.

We headbanged to hair metal music because rock stars with long hair and more makeup than our moms were cool. And we would buy it on cassette, no less. The only guy with a CD player was the annoying rich kid who lived down the street and compulsively ate his boogers.

We watched the same action movies three times a day on VHS tape because VCR’s were totally awesome—and we didn’t have satellite. We thought cartoons about robot superheroes that turned into vehicles and weapons were the most amazing and unique things ever invented—wait, that’s still true. Take that, Popular Guy who threw me in the bushes because I made that transforming sound all the time! Who’s finding the humor now? Still you, you say? Because you’ve got a hot wife while all I’ve got is an extensive action figure collection? OK, you win.

Anyway, many of the designs are retro because I never grew up. I’m on medication for that. It must be working because I finally got rid of my mullet and that blazer jacket with the shoulder pads.

But I digress. Back on the topic of t-shirt and gift ideas, take a look around. Most of the designs are available on a variety of merchandise such as stickers, clothing (for men, women, and the kids), tile coasters, home decor items, holiday ornaments, mouse pads, yard signs, decals, and greeting cards, just to name a few. You’re sure to find that perfect funny and unique birthday, X-mas, or graduation gift to complete your shopping needs.

I’ve also just added a motivational gift section because I’m just sensitive like that. It’s got some inspirational and humorous one-of-a-kind designs that would look great as framed prints or posters on a wall. Based on personal photographs, they make a poignant, nonconformist yet still stylish statement. Plus, chicks dig those deep guys.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something you like. Enjoy!

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Featured Design:

On The Docks T-shirts and Gifts

On the Docks T-shirts and Gifts

It's true, Tommy and Gina are still making it. You should know. You were there. Inspired by hard rock and heavy metal music from the 80s.

Pop Culture T-shirts and Gifts

Pop Culture T-shirts and Gifts
Funny, cool, and sarcastic gifts based on popular movies, television, music, etc. from the 80's, 90's, and today.

Geek and Gamer T-shirts and Gifts

Geek and Gamer T-shirts and Gifts
Humorous and goofy gifts for the geeks or geeks at heart.

The Kitchen Sink T-shirts and Gifts

The Kitchen Sink T-shirts and Gifts
Amusing, funny, weird, witty, and somewhat sarcastic designs featuring favorite sayings, quotes, and agonizingly overused cliches that don't really fit in the other categories.

Motivational Gifts

Motivational Gifts
For that pick-me-up without the prerequisite Prozac.

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