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Wildflowers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The flowers in this section were photographed in their habitats.
Purple Wildflowers
Find varieties of purple wildflowers here. These make great gifts for flower lovers. Take home nature's works of art!
Yellow Wildflowers
You will find beautiful yellow wildflowers of many varieties in this section. Perfect for gifts or anytime!
White Flowers
Now you can browse the flower section by color of the flower. If you are looking for white flowers on various products, this is the seciton to look in.

Redwood Forest Flowers

Azalea Flower

Orange Poppy

Orange Poppy
Orange California poppy flower with a tiny spider inside.

Calypso Orchid Flower

Calypso Orchid Flower
Beautiful flowers of the redwood forest!

Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars
Shooting stars are flowers named for their appearance. They are bright splashes of color in the spring forest!

Miner's Lettuce Flowers

Miner's Lettuce Flowers
Miner's Lettuce - an edible and useful plant!

Purple Flower

Purple Flower
Beautiful purple flower with yellow center!

Pink Starflower

Pink Starflower
Starflowers are a wildflower found in California's redwood forests!

Calypso Orchid Blossom

Calypso Orchid Blossom
Beautiful blossom found in the ancient redwood forest!

Redwood Sorrel Oxalis

Redwood Sorrel Oxalis
A plant commonly found in old growth ancient redwood forests.

Wild Rose Close-up

Shooting Star Flowers

Shooting Star Flowers
Beautiful lavender flowers found in the ancient forest! Shooting stars look just like their name suggests.

Bee in Berry Flower

Bumblebee on Thistle

Poppy with Spider

Columbine Flower

Columbine Flower
Beautiful wildflower found in spring along roadsides and in forests!

Evening Primrose

White Soap Plant Flower

Evening Primrose Blossoms

Rattlesnake Grass

Rattlesnake Grass
Rattlesnake grass is found in the redwood country of northern California, and beyond.

St. John's Wort Flower

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