» I hate shaving my legs
» I need a beer watching this game...
» I know you're fine but what do I do?
» I would hate it if I could see dead people
» Fuck everything. Time to drink.
» I need a texting buddy.
» I Wish I Wish I Wish I Wish I Wish A BITCH WOULD
» Something is going on...
» I dont get it...
» being home alone and hearing noises from downs ...
» I am consumed with lust at the high quality of ...
» I'm disconnected from the world... I love ...
» I wanna take some pictures. Just because.
» Fuck me ^.^
» I'm a hazard to the parking lot right now.
» I can finally relax
» I make my OWN money; just like to spend HIS
» I swear, I always fall for your type.
» nothing like a little online shopping
» I hate when people bring up things from the pa ...
» I wanna keep getting to know you. :)
» Nothing lasts forever, forever is a lie. All t ...
» I had a good friend who said to me that I shou ...
» I would kill for jewelry!
» i'd rather stay home and watch sports on ...
» I need a good laugh
» I was so excited for my cocktail shrimp platte ...
» I really don't understand how people can ...
» I washed my pants and now they're so damn ...
» I need to pee.. Thought i'd share that wi ...
» sitting in a room full of adults.. this is awk ...
» I really wanted to go bowling tonight!
» having a sore throat sucks :(
» i wish i could skate.
» Stalking is easy. ;)
» I wanna see this go down.
» I'm way too good at being a weirdo.
» I want breakfast for dinner
» I want a pug.
» Nothing wrong with making the same beautiful m ...
» I miss my money
» I keep getting distracted from my yogurt
» I'm gonna fight my better judgement, and ...
» I Need Some ACTION
» I just want to be the best man I can be.
» I want to stay in tonight but my mind wont let ...
» I hate people who post pictures of their texti ...
» Something is JUST WRONG about a half eaten, ba ...
» Trust no one.
» Stand up for what you believe in
» Whoever's sneaking about my house downsta ...
» Freezing my tits off
» Maybe it's time to be productive
» Is something wrong? You smell stressed.
» The feminine is more powerful than the masculi ...
» freezing and i have to go to work erg
» Change is needed.
» It's crazy how I automatically smile when ...
» Pull. The answer was pull. Thanks for playing.
» Love like you'll never be hurt, sing like ...
» Forever a fuck up.
» When a girl is down..make her feel Beautiful.. ...
» Life is as random as the weather. You can&apos ...
» I've got a Lemur on my head.
» Ranging parks has its ups and downs.
» Searching for that peace but the peace I could ...
» I don't believe in failure. It is not fai ...
» Perhaps you should ask a nun.
» my motto is
» my motto is
» I've decided that the best things in life ...
» We don't begin to know what freedom is un ...
» It is time to rock the boat and refuse to lay ...
» I always like to look on the optimistic side o ...
» A rather lovely looking girl next to,e in the ...
» Judge me not how I fall please but how I get b ...
» Just for clarity it was stapled onto my apron
» It's the holiday season and soon all my r ...
» Morning Deuce
» Am I more than you bargained for yet ?
» "maybe I should go to Colorado." sai ...
» The sun is shining bright, birds are singing a ...
» Respect yourself enough to walk away from ANYO ...
» Sleeping on the bathroom floor tells you the story
» This is one naughty hangover, head is bouncing
» My mind is just somewhere else
» Thanks for listening.
» I want to find the people who look identical t ...
» Don't make me click my fingers in a Z for ...
» This is gonna be one good month.
» Am I too intense for you?
» I drink to remember, I smoke to forget
» Her legs and chest manifest my stress.
» I need some slippers, my toes are cold
» How the fuck am I supposed to reply to that?
» I unwittingly slay with my axe and pick, ye mo ...
» Don't wait. Life goes faster than you think
» I do the same thing. If a girl doesn't li ...
» He's still on the phone with him. This is ...
» I'm sorry for the crack den comment. You ...
» Nyc is like a mosaic of my failed dates.
» i love how you can even make your typing come ...
» He looks like a bad one night stand.
» After 9 shots a girl with a mustache......stil ...
» Dude, hurry and get over. I need a wingman. ...
» Guys who wear capris make me want to kill enda ...
» I just met a guy from Australia at the bar. I ...
» I am looking at the epitome of fake boobs righ ...
» Im not the least bit jealous of the life you lead.
» Stop texting me, I'm right here.
» chick im bringing home just asked our cab driv ...
» Afterall, it is the real San Francisco treat
» you were stealing lawn gnomes and punching car ...
» I'll listen to your side of the story whe ...
» Keeping hand sanitizer and lube in the same dr ...
» And we will make penis cookies and eat them su ...
» White Russians with skim milk. Fuck I'm ...
» theyre doing shots to celebrate her boob jobs ...
» People with herpes should wear stickers.
» her lazy eye was starring daggers at me.
» she smelled like a LAN party
» At least you're going to bed with all the ...
» Honestly it was an honor just to be nominated.
» PS- did you die? If you did just text dead to ...
» You tried to wear your Jesus costume into Fami ...
» a blunt
» About to take a shower
» Absolutely nothing
» A carrot
» actually the worst thing
» after that
» ain't no telling what we could have been
» All I can say is unreal
» All I think about is how to make you think of me.
» all night long
» And at that
» And call it a night.
» And I can't find myself
» And I don't give a fuck.
» And I hate moving
» and i lose
» and i'm
» And I'm still drunk
» and I'm tired of waiting
» And I really don't want to
» And it feels like the end
» And it's on me now
» And I want to work out
» And I will find you
» And my brothers
» And not the world.
» And now you all know
» And said,
» and that's just how i feel.
» And thinking about what I'm going to eat.
» and thinking is not good
» And this is exactly why I'm single
» and this shit just started
» And you know that I know
» Another night
» Another night to myself
» Any of it.
» Anything you want
» Are you high?
» around my neck
» Around the world
» As i call it
» As long as you love me :)
» at least
» At least we got something
» Attempting to make a pizza
» At the end of everything i will be happy
» At the moment
» away from this
» Awkward situations
» baby you know I'm worth it
» Back In The Gym
» Back To Work
» Back to work tomorrow.
» Back when I was young
» Bacon is a drug
» Bad Mood
» Banned from the internet.
» Bc i can
» Because I do a lot.
» because I know you don't care.
» Because You have to Deal with
» Be different
» Been out all day
» been there done that
» Before I pass out
» Belong to the world
» be nice to people
» be patient
» Best in a while
» Best part of the movie
» Better get in shape
» Better than I was yesterday.
» Beyond tired right now
» Bitch You Know You Love This Life
» Blah Blah
» Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah b ...
» Booty calls
» Bored in my dorm
» boring saturday
» Born to lose
» bout to go in my bed
» Bout to go out
» Bright side
» But I don't want to
» But I know I have to
» but I know who I want.
» But I stand
» But now you don't know what to say
» but oh well
» But she liked it
» But Whatever
» But when it came to me she had a thing for me
» but you and me
» But you got the idea
» By the way, I love you ?
» Called it
» Called it when I first saw him
» Calling me crazy.
» Call me when you wanna see me
» Came Over Here For Nothing
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I dont get it...
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Fuck me ^.^
Section Teaser
I can finally relax
Section Teaser
I need a good laugh
Section Teaser
i wish i could skate.
Section Teaser
Stalking is easy. ;)
Section Teaser
I want a pug.
Section Teaser
I miss my money
Section Teaser
I Need Some ACTION
Section Teaser
Trust no one.
Section Teaser
Freezing my tits off
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Change is needed.
Section Teaser
Forever a fuck up.
Section Teaser
my motto is
Section Teaser
my motto is
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
Morning Deuce
Section Teaser
Thanks for listening.
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
a blunt
Section Teaser
Absolutely nothing
Section Teaser
A carrot
Section Teaser
after that
Section Teaser
all night long
Section Teaser
And at that
Section Teaser
And call it a night.
Section Teaser
And I hate moving
Section Teaser
and i lose
Section Teaser
and i'm
Section Teaser
And I'm still drunk
Section Teaser
And it's on me now
Section Teaser
And I will find you
Section Teaser
And my brothers
Section Teaser
And not the world.
Section Teaser
And now you all know
Section Teaser
And said,
Section Teaser
Another night
Section Teaser
Any of it.
Section Teaser
Anything you want
Section Teaser
Are you high?
Section Teaser
around my neck
Section Teaser
Around the world
Section Teaser
As i call it
Section Teaser
at least
Section Teaser
At the moment
Section Teaser
away from this
Section Teaser
Awkward situations
Section Teaser
Back In The Gym
Section Teaser
Back To Work
Section Teaser
Back when I was young
Section Teaser
Bacon is a drug
Section Teaser
Bad Mood
Section Teaser
Bc i can
Section Teaser
Because I do a lot.
Section Teaser
Be different
Section Teaser
Been out all day
Section Teaser
been there done that
Section Teaser
Before I pass out
Section Teaser
Belong to the world
Section Teaser
be nice to people
Section Teaser
be patient
Section Teaser
Best in a while
Section Teaser
Better get in shape
Section Teaser
Blah Blah
Section Teaser
Booty calls
Section Teaser
Bored in my dorm
Section Teaser
boring saturday
Section Teaser
Born to lose
Section Teaser
bout to go in my bed
Section Teaser
Bout to go out
Section Teaser
Bright side
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
But I don't want to
Section Teaser
But I know I have to
Section Teaser
But I stand
Section Teaser
Section Teaser
but oh well
Section Teaser
But she liked it
Section Teaser
But Whatever
Section Teaser
but you and me
Section Teaser
But you got the idea
Section Teaser
Called it
Section Teaser
Calling me crazy.
Section Teaser

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