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Funny tees and unusual Christmas gifts from Tee-Hee (TM). Funny sayings and designs on a wide range of products. Secure payments, printing and shipping are handled by CafePress.com who offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Hilari-Tee (hilarity)

Hilari-Tee (hilarity)
Funny designs to make the world smile.

Festivi-Tee (festivity)

Festivi-Tee (festivity)
Designs for the Festive Season and other celebrations

Poin-Tee (pointy)

Poin-Tee (pointy)
Designs that have a point to make. Eg 'Burn fat, not oil'.

Stupidi-Tee (stupidity)

Stupidi-Tee (stupidity)
I'm with stupid, stupid white man, stupid designs.

Verba la-Tee-na (verba latina)

Verba la-Tee-na (verba latina)
Designs with slogans in the latin language

Nationali-Tee (nationality)

Nationali-Tee (nationality)
Flags and designs for a growing list of countries.

Gif-Tee (gifty)

Gif-Tee (gifty)
A unique thank you gift to show your appreciation: "I did my friend a huge favor and all I got was this lousy shirt."

Flir-Tee (flirty)

Flir-Tee (flirty)
Pick-up or just make friends in these come-hither designs.

Duplici-Tee (duplicity)

Duplici-Tee (duplicity)
Boys lie, girls lie etc.

Fideli-Tee (fidelity)

Fideli-Tee (fidelity)
True love and commitment
Crudi-Tee (crudity)
Crude, smutty and sexy t-shirt designs. Click here to have a look.

<b>Topicali-Tee</b> (Topicality.)

Topicali-Tee (Topicality.)
Topical treats based on particular events, occasions and dates. like April Fool's Day.
Obesi-Tee (obesity)
Designs about weight gain such as 'do I look fat in this?'
Celebrate curiosity-
Spor-Tee (sporty)
Designs featuring various sports.
Humili-Tee (humility)
Self-deprecating slogans, funny humility, personal put-downs.
Nudi-Tee (nudity)
Clothing designs about being naked - ironic, huh?
Musicali-Tee (Musicality)
Designs that celebrate music and musicians
Nas-Tee (nasty)
Mean-spirited designs.
Varie-Tee (variety)
A range of our designs on one page.
Adversi-Tee (adversity)
I survived - you name it.
Christiani-Tee (Christianity)
Religious themes and designs
Sereni-Tee (serenity)
Designs to help you find peace and serenity.
I-Tee (I.T.)
I.T. and computer or Internet related designs.
Serendipi-Tee (serendipity)
Good luck to all who wear these designs.
Publici-Tee (publicity)
Cynical designs about advertising, marketing and logos.
Insani-Tee (insanity)
Crazy, wacky, insane, mad, loony, weird and wonderful designs.
Fertili-Tee (fertility)
Designs about fertility, reproduction, birth control, family planning, large families etc.
Sexuali-Tee (sexuality)
Designs about gender, sexual preferences and celebrating sexuality.
Masculini-Tee (masculinity)
Macho designs for assertive men and stuff with funny things about men.
Feminini-Tee (femininity)
Feminine designs that make you feel like a woman
Cruel-Tee (cruelty)
Mean and nasty designs
Obscuri-Tee (obscurity)
Enigmatic, mercurial..what does it all mean?
Dir-Tee (dirty)
Designs for those with dirty bottoms, not dirty minds.
Frail-Tee (frailty)
Designs about human frailties
Beau-Tee (beauty)
The natural beauty of flowers, creatures and people.
Authori-Tee (authority)
Who can you ask? 'Ask me.' says this design.
Congeniali-Tee (congeniality)
I'm a good listener.
Creativi-Tee (creativity)
A light bulb, symbolizing a bright idea.
Activi-Tee (activity)
Designs about various activities
Universi-Tee (university)
If you can read this you are overeducated (in latin)
Ar-Tee (arty)
Artistic and abstract designs.
Tit-Tee (titty)
Designs to wear across your breasts.
Brat-Tee (bratty)
faculty brat, army brat, navy brat and air force brat
Humani-Tee (humanity)
Designs about the home of humanity - earth, photographed from space.
Identi-Tee (identity)
Designs about identity security and so on and so forth.
Modes-Tee (modesty)
You're fantastic, so say it loud and say it proud with these modest (lol) messages.
Punctuali-Tee (punctuality)
Designs about time, being on time and how time flies.
Safe-Tee (safety)
Safe sex messages and other designs to keep you on the safe side of things
Sobrie-Tee (sobriety)
Designs about alcohol, abstinence and being drunk.
Divini-Tee (divinity)
Divine designs.
Chari-Tee (Charity)
Great products that support great causes.

Relativi-Tee (relativity)

Relativi-Tee (relativity)
E=MC2 is an incredibly significant and amazingly neat equation.

Spirituali-Tee (spirituality)
Pagan and wiccan designs.

Uncle & Aun-Tee (aunty)
Designs about becoming an uncle or aunt.

Paterni-Tee (paternity)
Designs about being a dad.

Materni-Tee (maternity)
Designs about becoming a mom.

Me Hear-Tee (Ahoy me hearty)
Pirate designs.

Ar-Tee (arty)
Artistic, unique hand drawn designs.

Frivoli-Tee (frivolity)
Frivolous, offbeat designs.

Opportuni-Tee (opportunity)
Sell your own designs in a free online store.

Guaran-Tee (guarantee)
Read about the 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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