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Stop Mexico Online Store

Mexican gang members and drug lords are establishing a foothold along the U.S.-Mexico border, with gun battles, murders, kidnappings and incursions into the United States occurring on a daily basis. The United States government is ignoring the problem. It has allowed millions of illegal Mexican aliens to enter the country, without prosecuting the employers who employ them. Some illegals want to work, some want to engage in criminal activity. The Mexican government is encouraging its citizens to invade the United States, and reclaim territory lost in the 1800s. Furthermore, the Mexican government sues American ranchers along our border anytime they try to protect their property from trespassers... and they are winning! Now, Iran is greatly expanding its missions in Mexico with large increases in personnel, and establishing front companies that will be used to train paramilitary terrorists. Venezuela has signed an assistance pact with Iran. Venezuela is now arming the region with help from Russia. Health care costs in the U.S. are exploding. Hospitals are required by law to treat uninsured illegal aliens, and are closing their doors because they have run out of money. Counties are having to build new schools to educate illegal aliens, without a tax base to pay for them. Our jails are exploding. Border counties do not have the money to purchase military armament or train enough law enforcement personnel to successfully defeat well-armed incursions into the U.S.. Take a stand. Keep America. Enough is enough. Stop Mexico. 10% OF ALL PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO THE BORDER PATROL AGENT LEGAL DEFENSE & RELIEF FUND!

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