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Although the brilliant conservative people listed on our main page inspire material, we are also inspired by the obvious brainwashing distortions of the clearly dishonest mainstream media. Much of the "bad press" "stories" on conservatives are based on the type of brainwashing we call "selective reporting".

For an example of brainwashing in selective reporting, remember how often the mainstream media would report low approval ratings for President Bush from 2007 to 2008? But do you ever recall them reporting that the Democrat Congress approval ratings and that their ratings were far lower than Bush's? No? Because they didn’t! But for those two years they almost always were! And now that Obama's approval ratings are so low, the brainwashing media report the low approval rating of.. guess what???....Congress!

For another example, if there is a political scandal and it involves a Republican, that ID will be prominent in the opening sentence, if not in the title. But if the scandal involves a Democrat, you will often have to search to find that fact, if it is even mentioned.

And you must be a liberal if you haven’t noticed that the brainwashing media typically uses photographs of Republicans and Conservatives that are unflattering, catching expressions that look like angry scowls, while photos they use of Democrats and Liberals are positive, if not photoshopped to make them look better.

For yet another example, during the Bush years protesters were NEWS to be featured and celebrated. Ten or twenty people showing up to protest just about anything were lavished with positive coverage. There was never an opposing view shown. Once the brainwashing mainstream media elected Obama (And they did) they became the state run media supporting every socialist, liberal, Obama position. Anyone protesting Obama or Democrat policies are classified as things like "angry mobs" AND THEN a liberal Democrat is given equal if not more coverage to "speak" in closing against the protesters. Recently, tens of thousands of Tea Party protesters were either portrayed as crack pots or ignored altogether. And coming full circle, the Obama supported OWS protesters are now lavished with positive coverage and there is no time given for opposing views. Unbelievable!

For another example, the Republican and Tea Party landslide election of 2010 was a historic removal of Democrats. Yet the press focused on the few Democrat wins, like Harry Reid. But in 2006 when the election change was substantially less than 2010, the brainwashing press made it into a Democrat landslide that it clearly wasn't. Certainly nothing compared to the Republican wins in 2010.

For another example, Pelosi, Reid, and other liberals have been calling conservatives Nazis for years. The mainstream media didn't care. Rush Limbaugh later commented on how the Nazi Party was more closely aligned with liberal Democrats and the mainstream media howled. For days. But it is clear that liberal Democrat policies are clearly socialist in nature and Nazi's were in fact the "National Socialist German Workers’ Party". Now honestly, which political party does that sound like?

Even though Gallup reports that only 23% describe themselves as liberal, we know it's hard to be conservative due to pressure. Your teachers were/are liberal, the newspapers are liberal, broadcast news is liberal, most cable news is liberal, the entertainment industry is liberal, even the “cool people” are liberal. [Even in 2012 hack Letterman was still focused on Bush and Cheney! Probably because he is too much a coward to make fun of Obama even after 4 years.] Have a conservative thought in any of these fields and you risk being blackballed. The only media liberals can't dominate is talk radio. Naturally, liberals want to kill talk radio.

And so, if anything is easier than thinking, it's being a liberal because their brainwashing and peer pressure is everywhere. But take heart, exercise a few brain cells, open your mind and think about the messages you are being force fed!

Stop the Brainwashing! Stop listening ONLY with the sheep and find the other sides of the stories.

Our suggestion? Try Special Report with Bret Baier. Yes, it is on Fox. We think you will find it honest news and discussion in one hour.

Personal note and plea: If things on our web pages make you smile, please help support our message by telling your “right minded” friends, relatives and associates about!

Note: We understand we go overboard and may appear to brainwash or be caustic as well. Sometimes imitation does get a point across better than an explanation. We will call it "reverse polarity". For example, some liberals think Rush is "mean spirited", but they themselves couldn't get enough vitriol and mean talk about Bush and Cheney. Liberals of course were totally blind to the idea that they themselves were and are being "mean spirited"!

Someone pointing out via "reverse polarity" can more easily make this point. Ann Coulter does this exceedingly well by taking the actual words a liberal uses against a conservative and using the same words on a liberal. But the liberals only howl at Ann, call her "mean spirited" and still don't get it! They don't get that it was simply an apples to apples reverse polarity example. (lol)

Note: About the Presidential "debate" format. This format is designed by and for the brainwashing media. They are not as much informative as they are performance traps. And the brainwashing media gets to decide who gets what question and how they spin the required "sound bite" answers over the subsequent days. We all know these debates are not useful in evaluating the merits of candidates for President of the United States. They are nothing more than peacock performance “game shows” for the shallow minded allowing the liberal press to hype what they choose.

There is nothing about crafting a 90 second answer to a question, on stage in front of cameras that is a requirement for being President of the United States! If you let slip that there are 57 states or you forget a department you want to name, who cares? As a President, those simple mind farts mean nothing to your Presidency. They only mean something to the liberal media who can hype them or not!

A return to the Lincoln-Douglas debate format would be more informative and substantive. We could have an exchange of substantive viewpoints instead of sound bites. In that way, the Lincoln-Douglas debate format would be more like talk radio, a discussion of ideas. Of course, the brainwashing liberal mainstream media can never support it as they lose the control they require.

Note: Ask yourself - What did campaign finance reform do? The answer is - It squelches free speech! It makes all candidates more dependent for their success on their treatment by the liberal media! This is how McCain got the nomination. This is not rocket science, folks. This is nothing more than censorship of political candidates by making it harder to get their message to the people without the assistance of the liberal media. Pravda would be proud.

Note: David Axelrod, Obama's 2012 campaign manager said about Gingrich: "The higher a monkey climbs up a pole the more you see of his butt." That made a lot of news. I just wonder how it would fly in reverse polarity, if a big name said it about Obama for his years in office: "The higher a monkey climbs up a pole the more you see of his butt."

Obama loves to say how much money oil companies make. The truth is the federal government makes more on every gallon of gas than the oil companies. And almost all of the states do too! Many states make double or more than the oil companies on a gallon of gas. The mainstream media let Obama get away with this.

Note: Bill Maher calls a USA Vice Presidential Candidate from the 2008 election a c*nt. There is no term as vile. The media did not care. Silence.

Rush called an activist before Congress asking US to pay her sex bills a slut and it's top news for a week. Hypocrisy. Dishonesty. That IS today's news from the mainstream media.

Obama calls for civil discourse. Obama criticizes Rush for using the word slut.

The master point to this liberal hypocrisy: Obama greedily accepts a one million dollar campaign donation from Bill Maher. What an absolute sleazeball President! And the mainstream media all cover for him!

Now that you see the double standard and given the uproar for Rush using the word slut, can you imagine the uproar if a Republican Candidate for President took a million dollar donation from a public figure who repeatedly called any prominent Democrat woman a c*nt? Michelle Obama is a c*nt. Nancy Pelosi is a c*nt. Geraldine Ferraro is a c*nt.

So why does the sleazeball Obama with his supporting mainstream media get away with this vile treatment of any woman?

Sadly, according to polls, far too many Women still love Obama!

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