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Have No Fear, The Surgeon Is Here

Have No Fear, The Surgeon Is Here
Awesome shirts and apparel to show off your talents in the field of surgical procedures. Surgeons always know what to do when troubles arise...great gift idea for your favorite surgeon.

World's Sexiest Surgeon

World's Sexiest Surgeon
When you're sexy, they're no sense in being modest about it. And when it comes to the field of surgery, you are clearly the hottest surgical expert around. World's Sexiest Surgeon.

Save A Horse...Ride A Surgeon

Save A Horse...Ride A Surgeon
Give that poor horse a rest and take your favorite surgeon out for a ride. Everyone knows that surgical experts are incredibly skilled lovers...so Save A Horse...Ride A Surgeon.

Chicks Dig Surgeons

Chicks Dig Surgeons
Well, duh. Everyone knows that surgeons are sexy. There's nothing more attractive than intelligence...and with your superior knowledge of surgery = irresistible. Chicks Dig Surgeons.

Future Surgeon

Future Surgeon
You've got your eyes set on the field of surgery. Share your dreams and aspirations with the world with your "Future Surgeon" apparel today.

I Love Surgery

I Love Surgery
So you're an expert in surgery and you're quite fond of the wonderful field. Share your love of operating with the rest of your fellow surgeons.

Eat. Sleep. Surgery.

Eat. Sleep. Surgery.
Nothing but life's necessities, and for you that means eating, sleeping and surgery. Great gift for your favorite surgeon or the intern who lives and breathes surgery.

Relax...I'm A Surgeon

Relax...I'm A Surgeon
Nothing calms the nerves like the presence of a surgeon. Solving problems is an everyday occurrence when you're a surgeon. Relax and have no fear because the surgeon is here.

Instant Surgeon...Just Add Beer

Instant Surgeon...Just Add Beer
You have no problem pushing the scientific frontiers in the field of surgery, you just need a little 'fuel' for the tank. Grab a beer and put on your surgeon suit and get back to work.

Best. Surgeon. Ever.

Best. Surgeon. Ever.
When you're the best, they're no sense in being modest about it. And when it comes to surgery, you clearly are an expert without peer. Also makes a great gift for your favorite surgeon.

Welcome to Scientist Shirts, where you will find shirts and apparel to outfit your favorite scientist and/or doctor (whether it's a scientifically inclined loved one, a professional colleague, a science teacher, medical student or your favorite physician)

Whatever your specialty, if it's remotely related to science or medicine, we've got you covered. Astronomers, Biologists, Chemists, Doctors, Dentists, Engineers, Mathematicians, Orthopedic Surgeons, Oncologists, Physicists, Psychiatrists, Radiologists, Therapists, Urologists, Veterianarians, Zoologists and so many more. Some examples of unique designs we offer below include (insert any field in place of 'Scientists')'Chicks Dig Scientists,' 'Relax, I'm A Scientist,' 'Save a Horse, Ride A Scientist,' 'Eat. Sleep. Science.' 'I Love Science,' 'Scientists Make Better Lovers,' Instant Scientist...Just Add Beer,' 'Science Ninja,' 'Future Scientist' and many more. Share your love of science and discovery with the rest of the world and watch as they worship your superior intellect, knowledge and sense of style. Great gifts for your favorite scientist or doctor.

Also be sure to stop by ScienceStars, our partner site with many more original shirts and gifts for your favorite scientist or doctor, or check out Pharma Karma, for pharmaceutical and biotech R&D scientist shirts and apparel.

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