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» Jewish Holiday Mugs
» Jewish Thanksgiving
» Mixed Metaphors or Blasphemy?
» Breslov Inspired Designs
» Tatty means Father in Hebrew
» L'shana Tova means Happy New Year in Hebrew
» Israel Photo Prints
» Jewish Holidays
» Israel Photo Cards
   » Safed Alley
   » Western Wall at night
   » Abu Hav Synagogue, Safed, Israel
   » Kiryat Breslov, Safed, Israel
   » Mount Meron Viewed from Canaan
   » Kever Arizal at Twilight
   » Old City Safed Doorway
   » Temple Mount and Mount of Olives at night
   » Mystical Blue Doors Cards
» High Holyday Humor Shirts
» Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards and Postcards
» Sukkah Decor, Gifts
   » I (heart) Love Sukkot Hebrew and English Items
   » V'Samachta B'Chageicha - Be Joyous in your holiday
   » Ushpizin Seder Ari Items
   » "Welcome to our sukkah" design Items
» Chanukah Cards and Gifts, Clothing
   » Thanksgivukkah falls but once in 10 blue moons
   » Thanksgivukkah
   » I (heart) Chanuka-Hannuka
   » Chanukah Hebrew Text Gift Items
   » Hannuka Black T-shirts
   » Happy Hanukah in Hebrew Script
   » Hannuka Ornaments
   » Hebrew Rashi Script I Heart Chanukah Gifts, Clothi
   » I Heart Chanukah Hebrew Gifts, Clothing, Cards
» Lag BaOmer gifts and cards
» Tu B'shvat Cards and Gfits
   » Spring Wheat
   » Shkedia - Almond Blossoms
   » Fig Trees
   » Pomegranite Trees
   » Sabras (Prickly Pear) in Bloom
   » Grape Clusters
   » Olive trees
» Purim Gifts
   » Purim Savta Gifts
   » Happy Purim in Hebrew
   » Purim Cards
   » They tried to kill us, we won, let's eat
   » WWQED? What Would Queen Esther Do?
» Pesach Passover Gifts
   » Got Matzo Balls?
   » Savta Gave Me the Afikommen
   » Passover Baby Gifts From Savta
   » Passover Baby Gifts From Bubby
   » You eat what part of the matza????
   » Passover Story in Three Sentences
   » Got Knaidelach?
» Calendars with Pictures of Israel
» Hebrew Grandmother, Grandfather (Sabba, Savta)
   » Savta's Favorite Hamentashen
   » Savta Gave Me the Afikommen Gifts
   » Savta's Little Knaidel

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More Torah more life; more assiduity more wisdom; more counsel more understanding; more charity more peace.

- Ethics of the Fathers 2:8.

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Digital Judaica for Jewish holidays: Jewish holiday cards in Hebrew and English, t-shirts, home decor, and other Jewish stuff. Most designed with original photos from Israel.

Jewish Holiday Mugs
Get the right mug for the right holiday!

Jewish Thanksgiving

Jewish Thanksgiving
Jews the world round ask the question: Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?
Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov!

Mixed Metaphors or Blasphemy?

Mixed Metaphors or Blasphemy?
Just can't resist adding Jewish designs to non-Jewish holiday products. Enjoy!

Breslov Inspired Designs

Breslov Inspired Designs
Got Simcha? Remind everyone that you're going to Uman, Uman, Rosh Hashana.

Tatty means Father in Hebrew

Tatty means Father in Hebrew
Giver your father a gift that says he's your Jewish daddy.

L'shana Tova means Happy New Year in Hebrew

L'shana Tova means Happy New Year in Hebrew
L'shana Tova is the traditional greeting for the Jewish New Year. Send or bring gifts that express your wishes for a good new year.

Israel Photo Prints

Israel Photo Prints
Beautiful prints of original photography from Tsfat/Safed/Zefat Israel, the mystical mountain city where kabbalah was born.

Jewish Holidays

Jewish Holidays
General Jewish holiday greetings, for those who are looking for something not aimed at only one Jewish holiday.

Israel Photo Cards

Israel Photo Cards
Greeting Cards featuring original Israel photos. These cards are for all occasions, when you want a really special photo of a really special place.

High Holyday Humor Shirts

High Holyday Humor Shirts
Got Teshuva? Humorously keep your perspective at a serious time of year.

Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards and Postcards

Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards and Postcards
Beautiful Rosh Hashanah greeting cards and postcards featuring original Israel photos. Everyone will love getting one of these cards. Available in Hebrew and English. L'shana Tova!

Sukkah Decor, Gifts

Sukkah Decor, Gifts
Decorate your Sukkah this year with Judaica for a digital age.

Looking for a new Ushpizin poster, or special Sukkah ceramic coasters? You'll find them here.

Add a special Sukkah decor pillow, an

Chanukah Cards and Gifts, Clothing

Chanukah Cards and Gifts, Clothing
Original photos of Israel set these Chanukah cards apart. Hanukkah is the Festival of Light, celebrated in the darkest part of winter. Send cards and gifts to light up your friends and family.


Lag BaOmer gifts and cards

Lag BaOmer gifts and cards
Going to a bonfire this Lag BaOmer, or just wishing for one? Wear one of these shirts and get a smile when folks read "C'mon Rashbi light my fire".

Send cards that mark this marvelous day of celeb

Tu B'shvat Cards and Gfits

Tu B'shvat Cards and Gfits
Tu B'shvat arrives, the Jewish Arbor Day. Happy New Year to all the trees! Spring begins to make an appearance, and trees, flowers, and plants begin to come alive.

Tu B'shvat is also a time to cele

Purim Gifts

Purim Gifts
Oh today will merry, merry be! Oh today will merry, merry be! And we'll eat some hamentaschen!

Buy original Purim gifts here and have a very happy Purim, indeed.

 Pesach Passover Gifts

Pesach Passover Gifts
Let my people go! The telling of the Passover story was never so simple. Buy these fun gifts for yourself and loved ones.

Calendars with Pictures of Israel

Calendars with Pictures of Israel
Original beautiful photos of Israel make these calendars special gifts for yourself or others. Enjoy the pictures of the Holy Land all year round.

Hebrew Grandmother, Grandfather (Sabba, Savta)

Hebrew Grandmother, Grandfather (Sabba, Savta)
Need gear that says Sabba and Savta, the Hebrew words for Grandfather and Grandmother? You'll find it here.

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