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» Who is the 'DON' of the Federal Family?
» It's the Eleventh Hour...
» It takes a Rotten Society to raise Rotten Public F
» The U.S. Media...4th Estate or 5th Column?
» AMERICA. It's all over but the shootin'
» AMERICA. It was nice while it lasted.
» I Speed Up for Stink Bugs!
» Come On Sheeple!
» Power to the Sheeple !
» Would Mr. Smith Please Return to Washington !
» Votes are Jokes !
» In American Politics...The Fertilizer Has Hit the
» politicians Limos and Dinner Lifestyle Does Not Fi
» American Elections...aka Pick-A-Stooge !
» If You Can't Debate...Calumniate !
» Politicians too Feeble-minded to Debate...Calumnia
» Shovel Ready Jobs = 'Dozer Ready Bulls**t
» Shovel Ready Jobs? That's what I call Both Shovels
» The Tea Party...Taxpayers...not Tax-Takers !
» Sick of Being Ruled by Chauffeured Politicians !
» True Wmd'd...GMO Foods & EMF Pollution
» True WMD...Mandatory Vaccinations
» GMO Foods? It's not nice to Mess with Mother Natur
» GMO's alter DNA
» OBAMA sez: It's Not My Default !
» Will visiting the Birthplace of our 44th President
» Reagan Thinker...Obama Stinker
» Oblivious Spenders will Spend us into Oblivion !
» Only A Losing Hand Plays the Race Card
» Psychopaths Rule...The Sheeple Drool !
» Self-Serving Psycho-Pols Kill the Golden Goose
» Americans Prefer to be Governed...Not Ruled !
» Chauffeured Politicians Sneer at Sobriety Checkpoi
» Public Servants...or Public Masters ?
» Gun Control? We Need Gov't Control!
» 1984...Fiction or Fact ?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction..Who is the Newspeak Czar?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction...Who Monitors the Monitors ?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction...Who Watches Big Brother ?
» Smile for the Cameras...
» If You Think I'm Driving too Slow...
» I am a Citizen...Not a Comrade !
» I Love Hate Radio
» The Road to Hell is Paved with Green Intentions
» Taxpayers vs. Public Unions...REAL Taxation witho
» A Fool and his Liberties Are Soon Parted !
» In Rome, Do as the Romans Do...
» A Value Added Tax ? How about some Value Added Pol
» Congress: Alcoholics & Spendaholics !
» All the Wrong People Have All the Self Esteem !
» Corporatism gives Capitalism A Bad Name !
» National Poisonous Radio
» Poisonous Broadcasting System
» Death Panel Makes Ruling...
» Breaking News...US Constitution Taken Off Life Sup
» The U.S. Constitution : A Dying Document
» Obamacare...Dr. Kevorkian will see you now
» Obama Fiddled...America Burned
» WANTED : Candid Candidates !
» All Hail...The Obommunist Manifesto
» Who Died and Left the Obommunists in Charge?
» Are You Paying Attention ?
» My Carbon Bootprint Up Congress' A**
» In Gov't Doublespeak...SMART is the New STUPID !
» Smart Growth ? or Gullible Public ?
» "SMART" Growth for a Dumb Public !
» "SMART" Cars for a Dumb Public !
» Smart Car ? or Gullible Public ?
» "Smart" Meters for Dumb Public !
» Smart Meter? or Gullible Public ?
» Ask Baltimoreans..
» Defund the Beast !
» Adam Smith...Not Marx !
» Madison...Not Marx !
» Restore Good Gov't...Abandon this Disgrace !
» FDA SWAT TEAM...Coming to a Health Food Store near
» The FDA in Action...Criminalizing Healthy Food
» Raw Foods ! Not Raw Power !
» Raw Milk ! Not Raw Power
» The FDA sez; The Only Good Food is Dead Food !
» The Food Nazi Sez:
» The FDA wants us Afraid to Eat Healthy Foods !
» The FDA sez: You Can't Have No Stinkin' Vitamins !
» The FDA sez: You Can't Have No Stinkin' Supplement
» Miss your Vitamins Yet?
» Miss your Supplements Yet?
» NWO Politicians Run Amok...
» N.W.O. backwards reads OWN
» New World Order? More Like New World Chaos !
» Beware of NWO via the U.N.
» NWO via the U.N.? NOT!
» Taxpayers Bankroll the U.N.
» I Refuse to Obey New World Orders !
» "First they came for the Rich..."
» Floodlights are for Prisoners...
» Hunting is Not A "Sport"...
» I'm a Recovering Beefaholic !
» Dying Political System ? or Too Many Dead Voters ?
» Are you an Insufferable Democrat or an Insufferabl
» Politicians Pull Plug...Constitution Taken Off Lif
» Crushing Debt...With Honor !
» Liberals could use a little Anger Management !
» Liberals are Sore Winners !
» Forget about Family...I have a Dysfunctional Gover
» Pity Generation Green
» I'm a Carbon Fetishist !
» Media's Conventional Wisdom is Usually Neither !
» The Evening News...
» Journalism Then = Fact
» Media sez: We Pick, Choose and Abuse the News !
» The Ministry of Media Sez:
» Media: The Respected Voice of Subjectivity !
» Media: We Distort; We Decide
» Believe the Evening News? Consider the Source !
» Politicians to Public.."You'd Better Put Some Ice
» Who put the "Dense" in Presidency ?
» OBAMA...Putting the "dense" in Presidency !
» NOBEL: The Prize does not make the Man !
» My Kid is an Honor Student...
» Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Politics !
» Encumbered by Incumbents !
» We Don't Need No Stinkin' SUPER CONGRESS !
» Super Congress? We're Super Screwed !
» Super Congress? Constitution RIP
» We Don't Need No Stinkin' War Powers Act !
» If You Can't Grease the Wheels...You're Under Them
» Fairness is Equal Opportunity..Not Equal Results !
» Successful People think with their Heart
» Equality comes from the Heart...
» Goodness does not Proclaim Itself
» We Can Divorce a Politician...but Appointees are F
» Congress: Public Service or Self Service ?
» Politicians...COME DOWN from Mt. Olympus!
» Lie to Congress...
» Lie to Congress...Go to Jail
» Congress sez: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Budgets !
» Free to be far
» Successful People Think with their Stomachs !
» Liberals Care Not for History...
» Statists Say Heirs Don't Deserve Estates...
» Unprotected Majority...
» Unprotected Minority...
» A Vice is not a Crime
» I am A Futilitarian !
» We Were So Much Better Off as a Classless Society
» Mine is the One True Reality !
» Which Political Party do you Disbelieve Most ?
» Fight Organized Crime...Don't Vote !
» Fight Organized Crime...Re-elect No One !
» Why Not Drug Test Politicians ?
» Why Not Drug Test Politicians...
» My Carbon Footprint is Bigger than Your Carbon Foo
» Use Your Carbon Footprint
» Whoever dies with the Biggest Carbon Footprint WIN
» Go Green...Recycle Congress !
» I Love NO Politician...anyone who does is a Fool !
» I Trust NO Politician...
» Health Care Reform...
» My Propaganda is Better...
» If Voting Accomplished Anything...
» If Voting Were Important...
» Fed Up
» Humorless,Hypersensitive...Should Rule Themselves

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My Kid is an Honor Student... Car Magnet 10 x 3

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My Kid is an Honor Student... Car Magnet 10 x 3

Product Number: 030-570972119
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Product Information
Share what's on your mind with a personalized magnetic bumper sticker for your auto. Choose from thousands of custom bumper sticker magnets (or larger sizes) for the car door of your vehicle. Get one today to express your passion or promote a cause or business.

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

Crop Preview:

Click done if you're happy with the way it looks.

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