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» Who is the 'DON' of the Federal Family?
» It's the Eleventh Hour...
» It takes a Rotten Society to raise Rotten Public F
» The U.S. Media...4th Estate or 5th Column?
» AMERICA. It's all over but the shootin'
» AMERICA. It was nice while it lasted.
» I Speed Up for Stink Bugs!
» Come On Sheeple!
» Power to the Sheeple !
» Would Mr. Smith Please Return to Washington !
» Votes are Jokes !
» In American Politics...The Fertilizer Has Hit the
» politicians Limos and Dinner Lifestyle Does Not Fi
» American Elections...aka Pick-A-Stooge !
» If You Can't Debate...Calumniate !
» Politicians too Feeble-minded to Debate...Calumnia
» Shovel Ready Jobs = 'Dozer Ready Bulls**t
» Shovel Ready Jobs? That's what I call Both Shovels
» The Tea Party...Taxpayers...not Tax-Takers !
» Sick of Being Ruled by Chauffeured Politicians !
» True Wmd'd...GMO Foods & EMF Pollution
» True WMD...Mandatory Vaccinations
» GMO Foods? It's not nice to Mess with Mother Natur
» GMO's alter DNA
» OBAMA sez: It's Not My Default !
» Will visiting the Birthplace of our 44th President
» Reagan Thinker...Obama Stinker
» Oblivious Spenders will Spend us into Oblivion !
» Only A Losing Hand Plays the Race Card
» Psychopaths Rule...The Sheeple Drool !
» Self-Serving Psycho-Pols Kill the Golden Goose
» Americans Prefer to be Governed...Not Ruled !
» Chauffeured Politicians Sneer at Sobriety Checkpoi
» Public Servants...or Public Masters ?
» Gun Control? We Need Gov't Control!
» 1984...Fiction or Fact ?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction..Who is the Newspeak Czar?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction...Who Monitors the Monitors ?
» 1984 is Non-Fiction...Who Watches Big Brother ?
» Smile for the Cameras...
» If You Think I'm Driving too Slow...
» I am a Citizen...Not a Comrade !
» I Love Hate Radio
» The Road to Hell is Paved with Green Intentions
» Taxpayers vs. Public Unions...REAL Taxation witho
» A Fool and his Liberties Are Soon Parted !
» In Rome, Do as the Romans Do...
» A Value Added Tax ? How about some Value Added Pol
» Congress: Alcoholics & Spendaholics !
» All the Wrong People Have All the Self Esteem !
» Corporatism gives Capitalism A Bad Name !
» National Poisonous Radio
» Poisonous Broadcasting System
» Death Panel Makes Ruling...
» Breaking News...US Constitution Taken Off Life Sup
» The U.S. Constitution : A Dying Document
» Obamacare...Dr. Kevorkian will see you now
» Obama Fiddled...America Burned
» WANTED : Candid Candidates !
» All Hail...The Obommunist Manifesto
» Who Died and Left the Obommunists in Charge?
» Are You Paying Attention ?
» My Carbon Bootprint Up Congress' A**
» In Gov't Doublespeak...SMART is the New STUPID !
» Smart Growth ? or Gullible Public ?
» "SMART" Growth for a Dumb Public !
» "SMART" Cars for a Dumb Public !
» Smart Car ? or Gullible Public ?
» "Smart" Meters for Dumb Public !
» Smart Meter? or Gullible Public ?
» Ask Baltimoreans..
» Defund the Beast !
» Adam Smith...Not Marx !
» Madison...Not Marx !
» Restore Good Gov't...Abandon this Disgrace !
» FDA SWAT TEAM...Coming to a Health Food Store near
» The FDA in Action...Criminalizing Healthy Food
» Raw Foods ! Not Raw Power !
» Raw Milk ! Not Raw Power
» The FDA sez; The Only Good Food is Dead Food !
» The Food Nazi Sez:
» The FDA wants us Afraid to Eat Healthy Foods !
» The FDA sez: You Can't Have No Stinkin' Vitamins !
» The FDA sez: You Can't Have No Stinkin' Supplement
» Miss your Vitamins Yet?
» Miss your Supplements Yet?
» NWO Politicians Run Amok...
» N.W.O. backwards reads OWN
» New World Order? More Like New World Chaos !
» Beware of NWO via the U.N.
» NWO via the U.N.? NOT!
» Taxpayers Bankroll the U.N.
» I Refuse to Obey New World Orders !
» "First they came for the Rich..."
» Floodlights are for Prisoners...
» Hunting is Not A "Sport"...
» I'm a Recovering Beefaholic !
» Dying Political System ? or Too Many Dead Voters ?
» Are you an Insufferable Democrat or an Insufferabl
» Politicians Pull Plug...Constitution Taken Off Lif
» Crushing Debt...With Honor !
» Liberals could use a little Anger Management !
» Liberals are Sore Winners !
» Forget about Family...I have a Dysfunctional Gover
» Pity Generation Green
» I'm a Carbon Fetishist !
» Media's Conventional Wisdom is Usually Neither !
» The Evening News...
» Journalism Then = Fact
» Media sez: We Pick, Choose and Abuse the News !
» The Ministry of Media Sez:
» Media: The Respected Voice of Subjectivity !
» Media: We Distort; We Decide
» Believe the Evening News? Consider the Source !
» Politicians to Public.."You'd Better Put Some Ice
» Who put the "Dense" in Presidency ?
» OBAMA...Putting the "dense" in Presidency !
» NOBEL: The Prize does not make the Man !
» My Kid is an Honor Student...
» Friends Don't Let Friends Talk Politics !
» Encumbered by Incumbents !
» We Don't Need No Stinkin' SUPER CONGRESS !
» Super Congress? We're Super Screwed !
» Super Congress? Constitution RIP
» We Don't Need No Stinkin' War Powers Act !
» If You Can't Grease the Wheels...You're Under Them
» Fairness is Equal Opportunity..Not Equal Results !
» Successful People think with their Heart
» Equality comes from the Heart...
» Goodness does not Proclaim Itself
» We Can Divorce a Politician...but Appointees are F
» Congress: Public Service or Self Service ?
» Politicians...COME DOWN from Mt. Olympus!
» Lie to Congress...
» Lie to Congress...Go to Jail
» Congress sez: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Budgets !
» Free to be far
» Successful People Think with their Stomachs !
» Liberals Care Not for History...
» Statists Say Heirs Don't Deserve Estates...
» Unprotected Majority...
» Unprotected Minority...
» A Vice is not a Crime
» I am A Futilitarian !
» We Were So Much Better Off as a Classless Society
» Mine is the One True Reality !
» Which Political Party do you Disbelieve Most ?
» Fight Organized Crime...Don't Vote !
» Fight Organized Crime...Re-elect No One !
» Why Not Drug Test Politicians ?
» Why Not Drug Test Politicians...
» My Carbon Footprint is Bigger than Your Carbon Foo
» Use Your Carbon Footprint
» Whoever dies with the Biggest Carbon Footprint WIN
» Go Green...Recycle Congress !
» I Love NO Politician...anyone who does is a Fool !
» I Trust NO Politician...
» Health Care Reform...
» My Propaganda is Better...
» If Voting Accomplished Anything...
» If Voting Were Important...
» Fed Up
» Humorless,Hypersensitive...Should Rule Themselves

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Fed Up Sticker (Bumper)

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Fed Up Sticker (Bumper)

Product Number: 030-570886040
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Product Information
  • Express yourself with the design that fits your sense of humor, political views, or promotes your cause and beliefs
  • Our high quality bumper sticker is printed on durable 4mil vinyl with premium inks that resist the sun and elements, so your message will last for the long haul
  • These car decals are perfect for your passion, or make great novelty prank gifts
  • Choose between Clear & White vinyl (where available)
  • Size measures: 10" x 3"

Drag the square at the left to choose the part of your image you want to use. Tips: Click and drag any corner to resize; click and drag from the inside to move.

Crop Preview:

Click done if you're happy with the way it looks.

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