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We are the apexed game comprised of John Gault sleuthed walking through the crossword pieced spaces in between playing loaded Six gunned shooting star again faking it better with sherlocked sleight of hands wedlocked tornado flooded beaver dams protected Hotel Stardusted pain stirred crazy big rigged ninja stealing Noa Ashe rocking into the exploding fireworks rocketed confetti rained night directing: KR McGee's body count recalculated Vodou Spelled: W-e'r-e n-o-t p-e-d-o-p-h-i-l-e-d j-e-s-u-s! Sorry's for lolly gagged sock-a-nonning suckers! We don't forgive and We sure as devil feared hell don't forget!

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Welcomed to our thunder domed jungle getting worse by the garden gnome snickered second! Time to play the apexed Reversed hack sawed words engineered game! Abortion renegered shake n baked slaved labor!

Crucial Ballistix Tracer

Crucial Ballistix Tracer
I bow down to no kiddie scripted gods endorsed kim jonged unamerican kinged nothing!

Noa Ashe

Noa Ashe
bitchlapping allah your jewed down dumb assed boxed in jingling requested prayers stomped out!

Recast Pirate Cursing Bird Parrot

Moby Duck
Meet Poe inspired Moby Duck stealing snickers from babies

Romney Wuz Here

Romney Wuz Here
Fractals fractured reality just in time for the presidential election.

Abortion Lady Labored Slavery

Sorry's for lolly gagged suckers!

Punctuated time traveled ground hog day

RED Logo Maddened Hatters

Locked n loaded suppressed spit ball launchers

Need Filled Things

Graffiti Slipknots

R.E.D. Logo Mugged Shots

Bad habits die hard

Back in heart attack murdered black!

Flaming book bound marks

Moby Duck mascotted postcards

R.E.D. Logo Labeled Logitech Supported Mouse Pads

Hotel Stardusted Pain

Camp Git Some

Arsenic Laced Teddy Bears

Arsenic Laced Teddy Bears
Kung-fooey pander bear baited stuffed animals!

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