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The tengu are minor deities found in Japanese folklore and come in different types, and different colors. The Red Tengu are characterized by their long noses and mostly human appearance, but often cast bird-like shadows or sometimes even have wings. They are mountain and forest goblins who are skilled warriors and mischief makers. They play tricks on priests, politicians, and samurai who are vain, arrogant , and misuse their power for personal gain. Often these same victims of the Tengu are reincarnated as Tengu themselves in their next life.
At the Red Tengu Shop we create merchandise that lets you express your true feelings about those who are vain, arrogant, and misuse their power (and about lots of other people too).
We have a lot of different products, like tee shirts, hats, mugs, clocks, etc... Click on one of the categories below to get to the product pages.



Music genres

Party Girls and Boys

Party Girls and Boys
Hip, irreverent clothing for all you Frat Boys and Party Girls. Stuff that any college dude and sexy chic would love to show off in.

Spammers and TeleMarketers

Spammers and TeleMarketers
Spammers? We don't need no stinkin' spammers! We don't need no stinkin' telemarketers either.

Funny or Stupid

Funny or Stupid
Funny, Stupid, Silly, and everything else

Japanese Style Designs

Japanese Style Designs
Products with Japanese writing, images or graphics

Pets and Animals

Pets and Animals
Fun products about pets and animals

Political Stuff

Political Stuff
They say never talk politics in polite company. Screw them.

Ceramic Ornament

Ceramic Ornament
Ornaments to hang on windows, mirrors, and Christmas trees

Computers and the Web

Computers and the Web
Stuff relating to web design, the internet, and computers.

Kids Things

Kids Things
Stuff that expresses what your kids are <i>Really</i> thinking.

Webmasters and Webmistresses

Webmasters and Webmistresses
Hats and stuff for Webmasters or those that wish they were.

Note: All designs in the Red Tengu shop are Copyrighted and protected by law.


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