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» Not a Minion
» Nature Posters
» Cinnamon Girl
» Bridal Store
   » Flowergirl
   » Groom
   » Bridesmaid
   » Bride
» Rangoli Zodiac
   » Cancer - Crabs do it better
» Rangoli 'Tude
   » Baitmaster
   » Don't get stuck on Stupid
   » Stuck on Stupid
   » Try Me
   » Minimalist
   » Cherry Pies - Retro
   » Just Precious
   » Plus-sized Princess
   » Attitude
   » Fiesty Redhead
   » Proud Brunette
   » Blonde at Heart
   » Queen of Me
   » Essence of Woman - Rainbow
   » Java Geek
   » Essence of Woman
   » Just Peachy
» The Ganesh Collection
   » Nrutya Ganesh
» Patriots
   » India - 2
   » India - 1
   » America-1
» Rangoli Joy & Beauty
   » Rangoli Roses
   » Lady in Blue
   » Rangoli Swanlake
   » Butterflies
   » Rangoli Crocus
» Rangoli World
   » Japanese Ladies
   » Goddess in Flowers
   » Kathakali
   » Dragon - Japanese
   » Tiger - Japanese
» Rangoli Expressions
   » Nightflyer
   » Peace is Possible
   » Live a Little
      » Dancing Girl
      » Yellow Dude
      » Flower Girl
      » Purple Guy
      » Pink Lady
   » Conflicted - Red
   » Conflicted - Green
   » Free Spirit
   » Centered
» Spring is here!
   » Circle of Flowers
   » Vanakanya
   » Rangoli Celebrates Spring
   » Rangoli Spring Tulips
      » Rangoli Tulips - Stamp Style
      » Rangoli Tulips - Cutout Style
      » Rangoli Tulips - Pink
      » Rangoli Tulips - Gold
   » Spring Thing Too
   » Rangoli Spring Saree Print
      » Rangoli Saree Print - Green
      » Rangoli Saree Print - Blue
      » Rangoli Saree Print - Red
   » Hippie Spring
   » Pink Spring
   » Rangoli Spring Fling
   » Spring Thing
   » Rangoli Spring Fling Too
» Blogosphere
   » Future Blogger
   » Will Blog for Jammies
   » If I blog, they will link
   » Blog Prince
   » King of Blogs
   » Queen of Blogs
   » I question - female
   » I question - Male
» Moms, dads and grads
   » Thanks, Mommy!
   » Fathers' Day
   » Graduation gifts
   » Mothers Day Rose
   » Mom is good as Gold!
» Mutts - Rescue Dogs - Full Breeds
   » Nice Doggie
   » Dog in Squares
   » Mutts-people
   » Weiner Best Friend
   » Great Danes
   » Nuts for Mutts
» Rangoli Zen
   » Calla Lilies
   » Meditation
   » Cherry Blossoms
   » Simplicity
   » Meditate (OM)
   » Rangoli Zen - Serenity
   » Rangoli Zen - Ethereal
   » Rangoli Zen - Daisy
   » Rangoli Zen - Lily
» Rangoli Yogi Sez
   » Achar Pandit
   » Yogi Sez, Don't put with me!
   » Yogi Sez Karma is...
   » Yogi Sez Darna Mana Hai
» New Arrivals
   » Ram of Thorns
   » Squares and Butterflies
   » Proud Peacock
   » Pink and Green Rangoli
   » Spring Asters
   » Spring Jasmines
   » Spring Flowers
   » Rangoli Rainbow Spring
» Original Flavor
   » Rangoli Bars
   » Rangoli Centerpieces
      » Rangoli Dark Colors
      » Rangoli Light Colors

Rangoli Designs by Shanti Mangala
Dallas, Texas
Member Since: 2005
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Rangoli - Add color and vibrant energy to your life!

Rangoli is a line of exotic and colorful designs from the heart of South India to you in a pretty package. Part of the charm of the Rangoli designs comes from the hand-drawn nature of the artwork in keeping with the traditional way of drawing such designs.

Rangoli represents traditional South Indian art made with chalk in front of homes to welcome the goddess of wealth (Lakshmi) in.

Wear the energy of Rangoli - a blend of ancient spirituality and creativity passed on from generations of women to their children in India. The Rangoli line of clothing and merchandise are a unique set of designs that are not available anywhere else.

If you have questions or comments about the line, please email us at shantim@gmail.com. Email us and let us know if you want one of the designs placed on different pieces of apparel other merchandise it is not available on - we will make it available immediately.

New Arrivals! Check out the New Arrivals section where we are adding new designs everyday (yeah, we really don't have anything else to do, why would you ask!). All designs in the New Arrivals sections are priced very, very low, so snap them up before they make their way into the main sections.

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Need good baby gifts? Check out our sister shop - The Kid Shoppe for cute baby designs.

Rangoli 'Tude

Rangoli 'Tude
It is all about expressing your attitude with these funny slogans and images on your t-shirts, mugs, prints and totoe bags - fully customizable

The Ganesh Collection

The Ganesh Collection
Images of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh (who has the power to remove obstacles from the path to your chosen goals) in various poses and styles.


This section will feature patriotic designs from all countries that we can think of and designs will be added as we make them. US, India and any countries you request will be featured here.

Rangoli Joy & Beauty

Rangoli Joy & Beauty
Joy, happiness, love and smiles - everything that is good in the world!

Rangoli World

Rangoli World
This section will contain foreign language characters/arts - gifts for that elite world traveler, who loves visiting other cultures, even if it is in his/her own mind.

Rangoli Expressions

Rangoli Expressions
Express yourself with the Moods, mottos, feelings, witticisms, crazy stuff - it is all in here.

Spring is here!

Spring is here!
Fun and colorful designs to welcome Spring in!


Everything for us bloggers...

Moms, dads and grads

Moms, dads and grads
Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day and Graduation-themed custom gifts

Mutts - Rescue Dogs - Full Breeds

Rangoli Zen

Rangoli Zen
Simple, clean, elegant!

Rangoli Yogi Sez

Rangoli Yogi Sez
Wisdom from the mouth of smart-aleck Yogi...witty t-shirts with custom words.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Hot! Hot! Hot!

Original Flavor

Original Flavor
The designs that kickstarted Rangoli Designs

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Remember, we customize all our desgins with your name, occasion - anything that strikes your fancy. Drop us an email including the name of the design and the custom text you want on it.
All designs presented on this site are original artwork by the shop owner and are subject to copyright protection. Some designs were derived from images from clipart.com and clipartinc.com under license.

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