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Ever wonder why or how beer was created? We know! It's so University of Michigan Fans, or sailors from the USS Curtis Wilbur or the army's 101st airborne division or the U S Marine Corps, couldn't take over the world...

We know this, because we HAVE the shirts!>

By the way, we can customize these shirts and the customization is ALWAYS free! Just imagine your next family (or unit) reunion, jazzed up with these snazzy shirts. Just drop us a line!!

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IDF and Beer

IDF and Beer
We all love beer, but now we know why God invented it. God invented beer to keep the Israel Defense Forces from taking over the world.

God, Beer and the OPHS Redskins

God, Beer and the OPHS Redskins
Beer and baseball always have gone together, like love and marriage...But we never knew why. Now we do. God created BEER to prevent the the Oak Park High School Redskins from taking over the world!

The Canadian Forces and Beer

The Canadian Forces and Beer
We always knew beer was better in Canada, but little did we know God's purpose in making Canadian Beer soooo goood!

Army and Beer

Army and Beer
We've wondered why the United States Army has not yet taken over the world. After extensive research spanning decades, we discovered BEER is the reason. We know this because WE have the T-Shirts to p

The US Army's IDs & Beer

The US Army's IDs & Beer
The Big Red One, 2nd ID, 3rd ID, Fourth ID or the 25th infantry divisions! Only one thing stops them from total world domination . .

The US Army's Specialty Divisions & Beer

The US Army's Specialty Divisions & Beer
Armor, Helos, Airborne all could dominate the world. The only thing stopping them . . .

God, Beer , Tigers and Wolverines

God, Beer , Tigers and Wolverines
Beer and baseball always have gone together, like love and marriage...But we never knew why. Now we do. God created BEER to prevent the Detroit Tigers from taking over the world.

Marine Beer

Marine Beer
Why don't Marines Rule the World?

The Marine Divisions, God & Beer

The Marine Divisions, God & Beer
God, Beer, World Conquest and the Divisions of the United States Marine Corps. Fun stuff for any reunion or gathering!

SG1, SGC, God & Beer

SG1, SGC, God & Beer
SG-1 & Stargate Command should have ruled the galaxy by now. Why haven't they? We think we know, but it will take a little more...research. Maybe at Jack's pond!

United States Navy

United States Navy
God Created Beer to prevent the US Navy from taking over the world.


Why DID God create beer? The answer is obvious to anyone around Air Force people - - To Keep the US Air Force from taking over the world. Celebrate the humor!

Coast Guard Beer

Coast Guard Beer
We know why God created Beer! To prevent the United States Coast Guard from taking over the world. Coasties of the world unite, Drink Beer!

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