Per Neter Kemet

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Per Neter Kemet

Per Neter Kemet: The holy dwelling place of the divine (ancient Egypt).
The Kemetic religion is to celebrate life. The official state religion provided stability while local and family religion provided diversity and new ideas. The central belief was Ma’at, which loosely translates as Cosmic balance, Cosmic order, truth, and justice.

Pr Ntr Kmt provides a sanctuary and a group voice for and on behalf of those who are persecuted, harassed, discriminated against, censored, raped, beaten, tortured, and/or killed for their sincerely held religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

Pr Ntr Kmt does not impose any particular religious belief or creed on temple members. Each individual temple member is personally responsible for his or her own sincerely held religious and/or spiritual beliefs.

Pr Ntr Kmt is a spiritual religion (Church, as defined by U.S. law) for any enlightened persons who have a sincerely held religious belief in, of, and/or about any variation of Ntr (Ntr, Neter, Netjer, Netcher, Divine, Deity, God, Goddess, Bast, Sekhmet, Isis, Aset, Amon-Ra, Hapi, Horus, Heru, Osiris, Ausur, Bes, Set, Geb, Shu, Nwt, Nuit, Mwt, Hekate, Selket, Anpu, Anubis, …).

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