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» Support the Troops with..
» Libertarian Items
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» King George III (George W. Bush)
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» BlowBack
» Vote 3rd Party for Change!
» Big Government
» Weapons of Mass Destruction!
» US News Coverage
» Quotes 2 Remember!
» Support the Troops
» Jesus was a...
» HOW? Just ask...
» Why? Just ask!
» Protect Religion! Separate Church & State!
» The Cycle of Violence has no end!
» Iraq & Iran
» Exporting America!
» A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution-Not a Party
» Federalism Revealed - The biggest threat to the
» Don't Become A Felon!
» Balance the budget - cut big government!
» We don't have to support Gay Rights ourselves but
» Decision Making
» Free How To Information
» Have we forgotten our Vets?
» Miscellaneous
» Political Issues
» Fighting Terror with an Army
» What is a Quagmire?
» Are You doing the Will of Evil?
» Our Watch dog "Fed" is Loose!

Patriot Studios "Political Items with a Message!"
Member Since: 2002

"A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!" and "Limt government or government will limit you!"

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* Individual Shops
-- The Free Speech Line is Clear!
-- People are Funny Monkeys when..
-- Responsibility takes up all my Free Time!
-- The Strong go where they will
-- Telling Right from Wrong is easy!
-- There is a Connection between Obesity & Fast Food
-- Separate Govt&Faith


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Anti-Bush Gear Headquarters
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-- Boot Bush 04

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-- Myth Of Sisyphus
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Bush Games!
-- Bush Shootout Game! It's fun to play!
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-- Remind us again why we invaded Iraq?
-- Bush Lying Game!
-- Supreme Court Bitch Slap! Slap the Felons!
-- Joe Cartoon "Very Funny!"

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-- Reason.com
-- Ether Zone
-- We Hold These Truths.org
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Clothing, Accessories, Apparel, Costumes, Hosiery, Swimwear

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Travis Patriot

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-- Digital Art "Flash Mind"
-- The Droopy Sun!
-- OpalCat's T-Shirt Shop - vegetarian, humor, animal rights, and more


-- The Movement!

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Support the Troops with..

Support the Troops with..
Support the troops with no illegal or unjust wars!

Libertarian Items

Libertarian Items
Vote Libertarian and Win a Free Country!

Republican Items

Republican Items
Vote Republican for Big Government!

Democrat Items

Democrat Items
Vote Democrat for Big - Bigger - the Biggest government. Voting for the lesser of 2 evils will not solve the problem! Vote 3rd Party!

Constitutional Items

Constitutional Items
A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution! Not a Party or Career!


Come see what motivates terrorists to study for decades and then kill themselves in order to kill Americans.

In order to Detour OR Destroy one's enemy, one must first know & understand one's enemy!

King George III (George W. Bush)

King George III (George W. Bush)
When one man can declare war, you call him KING - not President!
"Only Congress can declare war! Not just ONE man!" See US Constitution!
New! Bush lied & people died so he must be Impeached & Tried!

Washington (Send a Message!)

Washington (Send a Message!)
Send a Message to Washington!

National Defense

National Defense
- Misusing or National Defense as a offense to ....

- Destroying our National Defense by.....

Drug Prohibition

Drug Prohibition
Drug Prohibition employs criminals and funds terrorism today the same way that alcohol prohibition employed & funded the crime and terrorism of Al Capone!

The Kids have all the best drugs ...


Blow Back - CIA Term for ...

Vote 3rd Party for Change!

Vote 3rd Party for Change!
3rd Party = Change!

Big Government

Big Government
Thomas Jefferson warned us that it is only the natural order of things for government to grow and liberty to shrink. Read more...

Weapons of Mass Destruction!

US News Coverage

US News Coverage
See how the US looks from another view point - foreign news broadcasts!

Quotes 2 Remember!


The King's tax collectors.

Support the Troops

Support the Troops
Oppose illegal wars and remember that war IS a LAST RESORT - Not a political tool!

Jesus was a...

Jesus was a...
What would Jesus do or not do?

HOW?  Just ask...

HOW? Just ask...
It is our duty as Americans to question authority and keep our necessary evil called government on the straight and narrow. That straight and narrow is the US Constitution.

Why? Just ask!

Why? Just ask!
Why are our Brave Patriots Dying on foreign sands? Ask "Why?" because it is our duty!

Protect Religion! Separate Church & State!

The Cycle of Violence has no end!

The Cycle of Violence has no end!
Eternal war = living with death and destruction (no peace)

Iraq & Iran

Iraq & Iran
Some watch CNN and still don't know the difference between Iraq and Iran. How can you have an opinion about something that you know nothing about? And don't we owe it to the troops to at least....

Exporting America!

Exporting America!
Exporting American jobs is exporting our future as our jobs are sent overseas. There are solutions but we "The People" must buy American because what We $Demand$ will be Supplied!

A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution-Not a Party

A Patriot is Loyal to the Constitution-Not a Party
Send a reminder to Washington that a patriot is loyal to the US Constitution!

Federalism Revealed - The biggest threat to the

Federalism Revealed - The biggest threat to the
United States is Federalism run amuck. From the illegal federal drug war to the unwinnalbe/never ending fedeal war on terror to the tyranny of the IRS - its federism with no checks or balances!

Don't Become A Felon!

Don't Become A Felon!
Seeing a violation of the Constitution and remaining silent is itself a violation of one's oath!

Balance the budget - cut big government!

Balance the budget - cut big government!
The fat cats get fatter (voting themselves pay raises) while the common man can't find work due to his and her jobs being shipped overseas - largely due to the career politicians selling them out!

We don't have to support Gay Rights ourselves but

We don't have to support Gay Rights ourselves but
to deny other Ameicans equal rights by enacting laws is wrong and UnAmerican!

Decision Making

Decision Making
Telling Right from Wrong is Simple!

Free How To Information

Free How To Information
Empowering the individual to act! Expressing one's self is to strengthen the first amendment!

Have we forgotten our Vets?

Have we forgotten our Vets?
What about our vets? From the old to new - they have been forgotten by our government. From cutting their benefits to no bullet proof vests to protect them, it goes on and on!


A variety of items for you to see.

Political Issues

Political Issues
Please read this note before you vote! Free information to help you decide!

Fighting Terror with an Army

Fighting Terror with an Army
Fighting terrorism with an Army is doomed to failure because....
Even John Adams knew why!

What is a Quagmire?

What is a Quagmire?
What is a Quagmire? Come see what Webster says.

Are You doing the Will of Evil?

Are You doing the Will of Evil?
What is really evil and a threat to our nation?
Sometimes, what we think is good - is really bad!
Real evil and Federalism are Revealed in this book!

Our Watch dog

Our Watch dog "Fed" is Loose!
On the loose - off his chain - and making many enemies in the world! Come read how our dog "fed" came to be and is now the greatest threat to our Republic!

covercovercovercover cover

covercoverConstitutional law for police


A message to my fellow Americans who continue to vote Democrat and Republican:

Both major parties are really the same "Big-Government Federalists". Both parties are made up of career politicans who sell us out to the highest bidder! These politicans are loyal to their careers & parties above all else to include the U.S. Constitution. Both parties of Federalists are also Imperalists who want to be King of the World and therefore are for waging the unwinnable federalist war on terror because of their for power.
-- See "The Federalist for Power"

The federalist imperial war on terror is unwinnable because it simply makes more terrorists than it kills by using brutal military tactics and occupation rather than deplomacy! So, a vote for either party of federalists is a vote to send your loved-ones across the world to fight and die for a party who sells us all out to the highest bidder (soft money, campaign contributions, etc.). Which ever party you vote for, be asured that it is a party that makes us safer by taking away our rights, effectively destroying the US Constitution! You can not protect freedom by locking it up! Can you see that this is trading our liberties for false security. Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin both warned us that any people who trade their liberties for security deserve neither!

Can't you see that no matter how few rights that we have and no matter how many security measures there are, "where there is a will" (motivation) - there is a way! Especially when 95% of our containers coming into the country are unchecked! Our borders are wide open and the troops needed to close them are spread around the world motivating more terrorist attacks with their presence & tactics!

What motivates our enemies the most, it is our federal government's involvement OVER THERE! The lands over there, outside of the US are the property of others and our government's involvement there motivates terrorism! Weather our government is proping up dictators (Saddam then - Musharif today), supporting royal families at the expense of the poor (Saudis and others), or just medeling in the affairs of soverign nations abroad, these actions motivate terrorism! One possible solution: (Please Note: Some links are not operating and will be repaired when time permits.)
-- Read "How to Seal our Borders"

So, there is no "lesser of two evils". They are the same but year after year for the last century we have been scared into voting for the lesser of the two! This has allowed these two parties to stay in power and the corruption has become systematic. One is just as bad and unAmerican as the other. To me personally, I can not vote for Republican Theocracy nor Democrat Socialism and still keep my oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Why? Because our founders founded a Constitutional Republic and not a Theocracy nor a Socalist Democracy.

Moreover, shame on those of you who vote for either party because you are helping to limit Americans to only two choices in a free land. Wouldn't a free land at least have multiple choice when it comes to electing a President?

This image is an example of "offensive" but never the less, protected free speech. This is my message to every single one of my fellow Americans who continue to vote for either of the two major parties, effectively keeping them in power while keeping third parties out of the debates!

-- An example of Offensive Speech

Federalism Revealed:
-- Federalism Revealed

P.S. If you think that government and religion should be mixed, it behooves YOU to read Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist Association in which he said (and they all agreed at that time) that religion is a matter solely between man and his god and not a legitimate function of government since "the legitimate powers of government reach actions only and not opinions".
Religion, all religions, are opinions and not fact since they can not be proven. The religious can no more prove that God exists than the Athiests can prove that God doesn't exist! Therefore, all religions are matters of opinion and not a legitimate function of government.
-- Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptists (1802)

-- Add your 2 Cents!

Together, we Americans can change our government so that we can all have and enjoy: Life, Liberty, Property, Persuit of Happyness, Security and Justice for all! Let's listen to Air America Radio and get organized to restore America!
-- Air America Listen Live
-- The Randi Rhodes Show
-- The Ed Schultz Show
-- The Mike Malloy Show

There are others like Lionel as well! I will try to add their links also.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy your stay!

Travis Patriot

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