Fundraising means finding and receiving sponsorship money. In today's world, many organizations and individuals live solely on the money they receive from sponsors. Obtaining sponsorship money has long been a pure science with its laws and rules. There are quite a few sources, but the main ones are international organizations (primarily the UN), corporate and individual donations.

Tips for getting grants.

  • You should begin your search for sponsorship money by looking for the sponsors themselves (a foundation that funds an activity similar to yours) and carefully studying the information about the grant conditions. In principle, it is usual to create a project specifically tailored to the prohibitions of this or that grant to create an organization under the grant theme.
  • After identifying a potential sponsor, it is necessary to determine how much to ask. It's subtleties too. Grant-making organizations themselves receive a certain amount of money for the year, which was they need to use, so they do not get less next year. Make an estimate based on actual needs, plus add another 20-25%, usually sponsors reduce funding for the project by a quarter or even a third. Remember that you will be required to account for literally every penny, so if you want to keep some of the money or spend it more freely, you will have to cheat already at the project stage.
  • The most effective way: is the wages of workers, you can create just a few "dead souls" who will be a salary, and the money can be put either in his pocket or used for other purposes. It is easy to do and often will not cost a penny. A simple example is in a project, you state that your contribution to the project will be to buy a printer, it makes a good impression, and you've already bought a printer a long time ago, and use it in the project. No extra cost and, you made a good impression, and you didn't lie.

Do not wait for an immediate decision on the grant. Even if the competition conditions say that consideration of applications will take 2-3 months, there are often some delays this decision can make in half a year or even a year. The most common reasons for refusals are that the project does not meet the competition conditions, the application form is incorrect (always study carefully and follow the application form!).

Get your first grant.

Getting your first grant is difficult. Later on, if you have already received sponsorships and reported them usually, you are already acquiring the reputation bonus. You're much more likely to get money than a newcomer who you don't know what to expect. Besides, there is the possibility of work continuing on a project that was already standing written once. In this case, you only ask for money to expand or continue it. Practice shows that sponsors are much more willing to do this than to fund new, untested projects.

The most urgent, after you receive money for a project, is to report on it. You can meet and exceed the project objectives ten times. But if you do not inform correctly, you can put an end to further cooperation with the sponsor. Conversely, even with poor project execution, but with skillfully done reporting, you will not have any problems. Most importantly: Write the report the way the sponsor demands, even if their requests seem absurd and counterintuitive to you. Remember, he who pays the piper calls the tune. We hope you find these tips helpful in obtaining sponsorship money for your projects.


The method of distributing cryptocurrency tokens is becoming increasingly popular. Their main difference from ICOs is that participation in an airdrop is free of charge. This mechanism is used even in countries where the purchase of crypto tokens.

The future of fundraising in a blockchain world.

Securities tokens, airdrops, and initial loan tokens have all emerged out of necessity as a reaction to the difficulties faced by ICOs. New methods will gain more and more popularity, and ICOs will lose them accordingly.


DeFi is one of the fastest-growing segments of cryptocurrency. Yes, crypto has long been distinguished by different segments, like blockchains themselves, stable coins, digital collectables (NFT, non-fungible tokens), prediction markets, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and many more. The idea is simple. If all traditional financial institutions (banks, exchanges) are just software controlled by some legal entities. So why not make all these institutions autonomous contracts of Ethereum or another blockchain? Thus protocols appeared that allow trading crypto on decentralized exchanges:

(Uniswap), lending (Compound), managing monetary policy and issuing Stablecoins (MakerDAO), rebalancing assets (TokenSets), creating derivatives (UMA), insuring risks (Nexus Mutual) and generally doing everything that traditional financial institutions do.

Decentralized finance is a high-risk, high-yield opportunity in the form of cryptocurrencies.
Volatility is a fundamental factor in the incredibly high returns of cryptocurrencies. It could be called a next-generation HYIP.


High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) is the type of investment programs that give high-interest rates from 5% to 60% or more per month. HYIPs accept investments from as little as $1 and pledge that others can provide high-interest rates on a class of investment plans in daily interest flow depending on contribution amount. The HYIP monitor website is providing the current status of the program and how long it exists.

How risky the HYIP industry is, says the statistics of bumps and losses among investors. Any of the more or less experienced players in this area will tell you for sure that it is quite possible to make money here. With the right approach, but to make a constant profit, in the usual sense, is virtually impossible. The main reason is a human factor, to be more exact - the unpredictability of an HYIP's creator. You never know what is in this person's mind. And yet, there are some methods by which you can distinguish potential scammers from bona fide administrators. For example, look at the design and evaluate it from an aesthetic point of view. Not unimportant is the project functionality and script security(whether it is licensed).

In general, I would like to note that an HYIP is a highly profitable place, but you have to pay for it with high risks and uncertainty. Therefore not all investors are attracted to this type of income. HYIPs have their audience, which makes this way of earning still attractive.

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