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Help Creating and Selling

Design your own products

To make your own personalized products visit our Design Your Own section. Select the product you want to personalize and use our designer to upload your own photos and artwork.

You can also design products to sell in a personal shop or in our marketplace and earn money. Learn more about Selling on CafePress.

Image format and uploading

We accept PNG and JPG and formats. For best results, we recommend PNG with appropriate transparency. JPG is a better choice for large photos with lots of color variation. If your file is already in a PNG or JPG format, it’s best to leave it in that format. Converting it to a different format won’t improve quality. It may even lessen the quality of your image.

Product design templates

Our product design templates are easy to use and help ensure your images are the correct size, resolution, and format for our products. The templates contain more information about the product they are for, such as image size, full bleed areas, and non-printable areas of the product.

To use a template, open it in your favorite image editing software. Then delete the background layer or the entire contents of the background. Deleting the background will remove the default template image from your future design. Finally, create your design and save the image. Your new design is now ready to be uploaded to CafePress.


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