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All images created for the Official DANCING WITH THE STARS Fan Portal must comply with the following rules. Please note that these rules may be updated from time to time.

  • OK to create original artwork, designs and slogans based on and/or inspired by the television program Dancing with the Stars provided they comply with these rules
  • All images must be tagged with "DancingwiththeStarsTV"
  • To include your designs in relevant marketplace and ABC Store pages, please tag with the name of the stars/dancers as applicable
  • No use, replication, alteration or reproduction of any official Dancing with the Stars logo. Designs using the Dancing with the Stars block letter logo font or any of the other official Dancing with the Stars logo fonts when spelling out "Dancing with the Stars" in any configuration (i.e. stacked, vertical, horizontal, uneven, etc.) will not be approved.

  • No use of the television program opening and closing visuals and end credits
  • No use of a submitting artist's signature or URL (i.e., website address), whether actual or fictional
  • OK to use the names or nicknames of the current, official host(s), talent and dancers from the television program Dancing with the Stars, but any design using such name(s) must also include the full title of the show, Dancing with the Stars.
  • No use of the image of any real person (historical or present day)
  • No use of any content owned or controlled by a third party
  • No advertising of any businesses, products or services of a third party
  • No profanity, vulgar, hate language or graphically violent images
  • No explicit sexual language, images or graphics
  • No reference to drugs or medication
  • No derogatory reference to race, gender, religion, mental handicap, obesity or physical impairment
  • No use of copyrighted material from the television program or its promotional materials (e.g., no use of images from posters, advertisements, the Dancing with the Stars television program or website)
  • No images of existing Dancing with the Stars merchandise or consumer products (e.g., posters, calendars, books, video games)
  • No political party associations (e.g. Republican, Democratic)
  • No Undergarments (you cannot create Dancing with the Stars thongs, boxer shorts, or other underwear)
  • ABC reserves the rights to reject or remove any images from the portal for any reason
  • No Thermos® products (you cannot create any Thermos products such as Thermos bottles, Food Jars or Can Coolers).

Please Note: Generally approved designs will appear in the fan portal within 72 hours. Also, designs that are not in compliance with the Fan Portal Merchandise Rules will not be permitted in the fan portal.

"Dancing with the Stars" © BBC Worldwide Limited. All Rights Reserved

Under license by American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. www.abc.com


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