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All Fan Artwork created for the Official Community Fan Portal must comply with the following rules, which rules may be updated from time to time.

No Fan Artwork or Articles may be created that depict, contain or involve the following: alcohol, tobacco, firearms (including toys and other weaponry), personal or feminine hygiene, cleaning products, undergarments, drugs/pharmaceuticals, or containing religious or political content or products relating to sexual activity.

  • OK to create original artwork, designs and slogans based on and/or inspired by Community provided they comply with these rules.
  • All Fan Artwork must be tagged with "COMMUNITYTVSHOW" or other tag previously agreed to in writing by CafePress or SPT (defined below).
  • Fan Artwork using COMMUNITY official logo will be allowed
  • The logo must never be altered, in any way.
  • The colors used in the logo may not change.
  • No substitution of words, catchphrases or images may be used inside of the logo

  • No use of a submitting Fan’s signature or URL (i.e., website address), whether actual or fictional
  • No use of the first or last names of, or the image, photo, likeness, voice, silhouette or other depiction of, the actors, writers, directors, producers, or other individual or company who rendered services in connection with COMMUNITY, including SPT. However, pre-approved talent likenesses that are provided by SPT as an asset are OK, but no use of any real names is permitted (only character names).
  • OK to use the names of characters from COMMUNITY (i.e. Troy, Abed, etc.)
  • No use of the image of any real person (historical or present day)
  • No use of any intellectual property or content owned or controlled by a third party
  • No advertising of any businesses, products or services of a third party
  • No profanity, vulgar, or hate language
  • No explicit sexual language, images or graphics
  • No reference to drugs, medication or alcohol
  • No derogatory reference to race, gender, religion, mental handicap, obesity or physical impairment
  • No use of images/artwork of existing COMMUNITY merchandise or consumer products (e.g., novels, posters, calendars, books, video games)
  • No “Thermos” products (you cannot create COMMUNITY Thermos Products)
  • No use of music or lyrics.
  • No use of copyrighted material from the television show or its promotional materials (e.g. television show, television show posters, television show website), unless included in the SPT pre-approved assets.
  • No political statements, political party associations (e.g. Republican, Democrat), politicians or candidates
  • No text or images that may be considered offensive or be controversial to others in any manner
  • No images or references of illegal drugs
  • No church names, company names, school names, abbreviations of school names, sports teams or their slogans, tag lines, logos or trademarks
  • No events other than those with a family name incorporated (e.g. "Johnson Family Reunion")

Please Note: that Fan Artwork created through the Fan Portal program may not be uploaded, distributed, sold or otherwise exploited by Fans or other third party outside of the Fan Portal.

Sony Pictures Television ("SPT") owns and controls all intellectual property rights in and to COMMUNITY television show, and retains all right, title and interest in and to trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property associated with the show. Except for the limited permission to design Fan Artwork and create Articles for sale on the Fan Portal, nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring on the user in any manner any license, title, rights, or ownership of or interest in any intellectual property rights of SPT. All goodwill of COMMUNITY arising out of any use or mention of the COMMUNITY name, logo, or other distinctive elements of the show or other SPT-approved assets as authorized hereunder shall inure solely to the benefit of SPT.

The granted license is subject to SPT's periodic review of Fan Artwork and Articles for sale via the Fan Portal, and is revocable at any time.

SPT reserves the rights to reject or remove any Fan Artwork from the Fan Portal for any reason at any time.

© 2014 Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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