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The rules below pertain to the following CBS television series (hereinafter referred to as the "Properties"):

  • All images must be tagged with "BlueBloodsTV"

Prohibited Uses of the Properties for CafePress Fan Portal:

  • You may not replicate, alter or reproduce any official "Blue Bloods" logo.
  • You may not incorporate any logos, designs, badges or other elements from the New York Police Department or the New York Fire Department.
  • You may not use the first or last names, images, photographs, likenesses, voices, caricatures, silhouettes or other depictions of, any actors appearing in, or writers, directors or producers of the Properties.
  • You may not use copyrighted content from the Properties, including but not limited to audio, visual and/or audiovisual content, such as images or clips from the television series, web content, promotional materials (posters, advertisements) or existing licensed merchandise (novels, trading cards, figurines).
  • You may not use the Properties to endorse or oppose any political party, association (e.g., republican, democrat, candidates, or otherwise) or any side of any issue.
  • You may not use the Properties with an image of any real person (historical or present day).
  • You may not use the Properties to advertise any businesses, products or services of any party.
  • You may not use Properties with any profanity, vulgar, hate language or graphically violent images, or explicit sexual language, images or graphics, or derogatory references to race, gender, religion, age, mental or physical impairment, obesity or sexual orientation.
  • You may not use the Properties in connection with any drugs (legal or illicit) or medication.
  • No Thermos® products (you cannot create any Thermos products such as Thermos bottles, Food Jars or Can Coolers).

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