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   » Dog Messaging
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   » Cow Safety
   » Dog Meets Skunk
   » Elephant and Mouse
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   » Wiener Dog Meets Hot Dog
   » Dangerous Dachshund
   » Yappy Dog
   » Taxidermist Models Wanted
   » Dragon Grilling
   » Dragon Kids
   » Forest Time Share
   » Geese Nonconformists
   » Golden Non-Retriever
   » Horseshoe Crab Game
   » Lobster Vacation
   » Penguin Mothers Day
   » Lion Fathers Day
   » Doctor Whoo
   » Eggoraphobia
   » Fish Tank Diver
   » Mouse Scaling
   » Free-Range Eggs
   » Gorilla Marketing
   » Fox and Hound
   » Fish Fashion
   » Fish vs Bird
   » Fish Bathroom Protocol
   » Filet of Fish
   » Fish Graduation
   » Fish Orders Pizza Delivery
   » Fish Outhouse Aerator
   » Fish Summer Break
   » Fly Fishing
   » Stupid Fish Jokes
   » The Joys of Fish Food
   » Fish Farmer
   » Great Moments in Evolution Revisited
   » Guppy Mothers Day
   » Fishbowl Assets
   » Fishbowl Circles
   » Fishbowl Divorce
   » Fishbowl Gold
   » Fishbowl Hard Hat Diver
   » Fishbowl Paranoia
   » Fishbowl Pickup Line
   » Fishbowl Lighthouse
   » Fishbowl Marbles
   » Fishbowl Rebellion
   » Fishbowl Relationships
   » Fishbowl Treasure
   » Karate Fish
   » Frog Prince
   » What the Fox Thinks
   » Giraffe Foraging Foibles
   » Horse Coffee
   » Go with the Flow
   » Moose-Stache
   » Octopus Trap
   » Ostrich Fine Dining
   » Peacock Preening
   » Penguin Coat
   » Penguin Goofball
   » Penguin Identity Crisis
   » Pill Bug in Love
   » Polo Cartoon
   » Porcupine Meets Horseshoe Crab
   » Raccoon Revenge
   » Raccoon Dining
   » Rattlesnake Popularity
   » Rhino Helper
   » Salmon Run
   » SCUBA Discovry
   » SCUBA Diver and Moray Eel
   » SCUBA Clowing Around
   » Sea Otter Sour Grapes
   » Seaturtle SCUBA
   » Shark adn Remora
   » Shark Chum
   » Plane Shark
   » Bull Shark Attack
   » Shark Shopping
   » Shark Jumping
   » Shark Favorite Book
   » Male Nurse Shark Attitude
   » Hammerhead Shark Eye Exam
   » Stinky Cheese
   » Spider Fathers Day
   » Spider Darwin Award Winner
   » Squid Catcher
   » Squid Ball
   » Giant Squid Problem
   » Giant Squid Trap
   » Seahorse Gender Confusion
   » Seeing-Eye Hamster
   » Snakes on a Train
   » Star at Red Lobster
   » Starfish Story
   » Theistic Evolution
   » Timmy Trapped in a Well
   » Timmys Cat
   » Timmys Mom
   » Timmy Goes Outside
   » Timmys Best Friend
   » Timmy Takes a Walk
   » Timmys Stupid Question
   » Tinkles Fetches
   » Fetch Timmy
   » Timmys Wiener Dog
   » Timmys Cow
   » Timmys Cow Pie
   » Timmy Cow Fetch
   » Bessie BFF
   » Bessie v Lassie
   » Timmys Fish
   » Turkey Diet
   » Turkey Escape
   » Turkey Referee Strategy
   » Turkey Hulk
   » Turkey in Glasses
   » Turkey Shoot
   » Turtle Dragster
   » Turkey Disguise
   » T-Rex Prosthetic Arm
   » T-Rex Boxing
   » T-Rex Burgers
   » T-Rex Dining
   » T-Rex Graduation Speaker
   » T-Rex Mobile
   » T-Rex of the Apes
   » T-Rex Ping Pong
   » T-Rex Pole Vault
   » T-Rex Shot Put
   » T-Rex Tantrum
   » T-Rex Tantrum Connect the Dots
   » T-Rex Tennis
   » Timmys T-Rex
   » T-Rex Tools
   » T-Rex Touchy
   » T-Rex Track Race
   » T-Rex Volleyball
   » Dino-mite
   » Vet Taxidermist
   » Underwater Campfire
   » Useless Add-Ons
   » Whale Favorite Book
   » Whale Shark Love
   » Whale Shark Thoughts
» Famous Persons, Places and Things
   » Aging Superheros
   » Adam and Eve Pick-Up Lines
   » Atlas Problem
   » Bat Guy Wake-Up Call
   » Breakfast Faux Pas
   » Catfishing
   » Celebrity Rehab
   » Childrens TV Eye Doctor
   » Country Diet
   » Famous Eel Piano Players
   » Failed Careers
   » Golden Larches
   » Hairy Coonick Jr
   » Illinois Jones
   » Kale Monster
   » Leprechaun Crossing
   » The Life of Pie
   » Macho Country Singer
   » Monkey Grooming
   » Monkey Hospitality
   » Monkey Business
   » Bad Politics
   » Prostate Exam
   » 9-11 NY Tribute
   » 9-11 Super Men
   » Noah and God
   » Pluto Loses Planet Status
   » Racing GPS
   » Radioactive Spider Bite
   » Robot Graduation
   » Sailor Spinach Aversion
   » Scrungepad Nopants
   » Secret Identity Problems
   » Real Spider Man Snack Food
   » Real Spider Man Girl Problems
   » Spider Webbing
   » Not So Super Mondays
   » Super Hotel
   » Superhero Movie Casting
   » Bad TV Remakes
   » Whaling Wall Ahab
   » Whaling Wall
» People
   » Aardvark Anyone?
   » Bad TV Ads
   » Airplane Exit
   » Airline Luggage Fee
   » Airline Seatbelt Issues
   » Airline Ticket Problem
   » Alcohol-free Beer
   » Antisocial Media
   » Astronaut 12-Step Show-off
   » Baby Arrival
   » Baby Check
   » Baby Potty Training Robot
   » Basic Training
   » Beaver Bad Day
   » Bikers Tan
   » Baby Figures
   » Baggage Fees
   » Barracuda Attitude
   » Bagpipes
   » Bald Advantage #1
   » Bald Advantages No. 2
   » Bald Hair Cuts
   » Bald Movie Villain Casting
   » Dr. Banner Prostate Exam
   » Barber vs. Dentist
   » Bird Brain
   » Bond of the Apes
   » Eye Chart
   » Pop-Up Camper Problems
   » Canadian Camping
   » Cartoonist at Work
   » Cat Lady in Heaven
   » Cavemen at Stonehenge
   » Cell Phone Reception in Hell
   » Clean Desk Policy
   » College Student Athletes
   » Cologne Violation
   » The Colonoscopy 3000 XL Probe
   » Death Row Tech Support
   » Deep Sea Sign
   » Dentist Flossing
   » Dentist Too Much Suction
   » Dentists and Dating
   » Dentist X-Ray
   » Dentist Speak
   » Divot Consequences
   » Doctor X-Ray Overdose
   » Daddy Diaper Duty
   » Dangerous Griller
   » Sand Registry
   » DMV Trainee
   » Deep SCUBA
   » Dip Warning
   » Discount Airfares
   » Manure Happens
   » Dragon Grill-Master
   » Earthday Weeding
   » Electric Car Fix
   » Eternally Grateful
   » Fathers Day Discovery
   » Firefighter Fund Raiser
   » Flu Shot
   » Football Commentator Blooper
   » Football Season Ends
   » Football Huddle Odor
   » Funeral for a Cartoonist
   » Game Show Bad Ideas
   » Generic Heaven
   » Giant Snail Escape
   » Glaucoma Machine
   » Healthy Meal
   » Hells Fire Department
   » Hell Fire 2
   » Wi-Fi in Hell
   » High Powered Hand Dryers
   » Houseboat Docking
   » Houseboat Pirate
   » House Painting
   » Ice Curling
   » Idiot Skiers
   » Karate Side Kick
   » Karate Kick Dilemma
   » Karate Head Break
   » Mailman Syndrome
   » Mother-in-law Recycling
   » Murder Mystery
   » Large No 2
   » Lawn Robot
   » Lost Keys
   » Loser Lessons Learned
   » Men Shopping
   » Movie Pop & Popcorn
   » Oncologist
   » Pair-a-Shoes
   » Pajama Expert
   » Pediatrician Quandry
   » Physicality Overused
   » Postcard Explanation
   » Prostate Second Opinion
   » Medical Pot Pie
   » Rhesus Monkey
   » Rice Cakes
   » SCUBA King
   » SCUBA No No
   » SCUBA Confusion
   » Zombie Scuba
   » Sports Interviews
   » Stupid Sports Interviews
   » Ski Fall
   » Social Media Farm Games
   » Torts not Tarts
   » Sky Writing Proposal
   » New Larger Smart Phones
   » Soybean Maze
   » Suitcase in Paris
   » Sun Screen Issue
   » Taco Tuesday Tragedy
   » The House Plant of Damocles
   » Teachers with Trap Doors
   » Tinted-Glasses Problem
   » Tire Repair
   » Toilet Lid Dilemma
   » Trailed Closed
   » Train Toilets
   » US and Soccer
   » Viking Graduation
   » Wheelchair Parachute
   » Wheeler Sportsplex
   » Wide Load Super Hero
   » Yard of Beef
   » Yoga Help Wanted Ad
» Miscellaneous Cartoons
   » Baby Crossword Puzzle
   » Better Falling Rock Sign
   » Blazing Volleyball
   » Bullfighter Warning
   » Bungee Dining
   » Butt Montana
   » Closing a Mini-Mart
   » Cliff House
   » Deer Crossing
   » Dip Warning Sign
   » The Domino Republic
   » Ecuadorian Driving
   » GPS in Space
   » Grapes of Wrath Iowa
   » Hiring All Shifts
   » Math Warning
   » Rail Road Crossing
   » Road Work Ahead
   » Rocket Scientist
   » Rummy Expression
   » End of Script Ohio
   » Smart or Dumb?
   » Smart Car Job
   » Giant Snowflake Warning
   » Super Moon
   » Tornado Defense System
   » Water Nutritional Labeling
» Father's Day Stuff
   » Spider Father's Day
   » Lion Father's Day
   » Father's Day Discovery
   » Frankenstein Father's Day
» Halloween Zombies
   » Frankenstein Book
   » Frankenstein Fathers Day
   » Frankenstein Zombie
   » Dracula at the Dentist
   » Dracula Life Insurance
   » Blood Donation
   » Dracula Phlebotomist
   » Vampire Generation Gap
   » Zombie Atkins Diet
   » Cooking with the Zombies
   » Zombie Campfire
   » The Zombie Channel
   » Zombie Corn Maze
   » Zombie Dating
   » Zombie Fitness
   » Zombie Game Shows
   » Zombie Homework
   » Zombie Island
   » Zombie Mechanic
   » Pet Zombies
   » Zombie Halloween Party
   » Zombie Punch
   » Zombie Restaurant Workers
   » Zombie Surprise
   » Zombie Table Manners
   » Zombie Trick or Treat
   » Zombie Vegan
   » Scary Hillary
   » Werewolf Dating Problem
» The Cartoon Days of Christmas
   » Bearly Christmas
   » Best Christmas Decorations
   » Boa Surprise
   » Car Christmas Present
   » Census in Bethlehem
   » Christmas Choir
   » Christmas Gifts for Guys
   » Elf Launch
   » Elf Installs GPS for Santa
   » Elven Family Issues
   » Elf Retirement
   » Farm Animal Menu Issues
   » Frosty and the Wisemen
   » Gingerbread House
   » Little Drummer Boy
   » Manger Housekeeping
   » Nativity Mice
   » Penguin Christmas
   » Polar Snack
   » Polar Bears and Reindeer
   » A Redneck Christmas
   » Reindeer Games
   » Reindeer GPS
   » Santa Airlines
   » Santa's Bad List
   » Santa Camo
   » Santa Caught
   » Santa Gets No Respect
   » Santa's Party
   » Santa Shopping
   » Polar Penguin Pop
   » Santa SCUBA
   » Santa Squid
   » Santa Tummy Tuck
   » Sheep Reflect on Christmas
   » Shark Necklace
   » Silent Night Light
   » Snowman in an Hot Tub
   » Snowman of the Apes
   » Snowman Scarf
   » A Snowy Christmas Eve
   » Christmas Star
   » Christmas Star Mural
   » Stupid Holiday Commercial
   » Stupid Jewelry Ideas
   » Superhero Gifts
   » Supervillain Gifts
   » Underwater Christmas
   » Unusual Santa Advice
   » Vampire and Santa
   » Waiting Up for Santa
   » When Commercials Go Wrong
   » A Wiener Dog Christmas
   » Wiener Dog Sleigh
   » Wisemen Flat
   » Wisemen GPS
   » Wise Men in NY
   » Wish for Santa

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Bearly Christmas

Bearly Christmas
The problem with bears and Christmas ...

Best Christmas Decorations

Best Christmas Decorations
One house that is not OTL!

Boa Surprise

Boa Surprise
Dad gives kid a boa for Christmas.

Car Christmas Present

Car Christmas Present
Really, who gives a car as a Christmas present?

Census in Bethlehem

Census in Bethlehem
Government clerks who may be Out to Lunch

Christmas Choir

Christmas Choir
Singing obscure Christmas Carols can be OTL!

Christmas Gifts for Guys

Christmas Gifts for Guys
If shopping for men was like shopping for women (as shown in tv commercials) ...

Elf Launch

Elf Launch
Does Rudolph have a sense of humor?

Elf Installs GPS for Santa

Elf Installs GPS for Santa
Elf Installs GPS for Santa ...

Elven Family Issues

Elven Family Issues
Why this elf is Out to Lunch ...

Elf Retirement

Elf Retirement
Santa discusses an Elf's Retirement...

Farm Animal Menu Issues

Farm Animal Menu Issues
When farm animals don't unite!

Frosty and the Wisemen

Frosty and the Wisemen
What happens when the wise men invite Frosty the Snowman on their quest?

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House
When is a gingerbread house OTL?

Little Drummer Boy

Little Drummer Boy
Little drummer boy - the real story!

Manger Housekeeping

Manger Housekeeping
Manger cleaning issues.

Nativity Mice

Nativity Mice
Nativity Mice discuss Jesus birth!

Penguin Christmas

Penguin Christmas
How to Penguins know it's Christmas time?

Polar Snack

Polar Snack
What to polar bears eat when they go Out to Lunch?

Polar Bears and Reindeer

Polar Bears and Reindeer
Why don't polar bears like reindeer?

A Redneck Christmas

A Redneck Christmas
How does Santa know when he's at the house of a redneck?

Reindeer Games

Reindeer Games
What should you do when reindeer games get serious?

Reindeer GPS

Reindeer GPS
A bad gift choice for a reindeer!

Santa Airlines

Santa Airlines
When is your flight Out to Lunch?

Santa's Bad List

Santa's Bad List
When are you OTL?

Santa Camo

Santa Camo
Santa tries the new camouflage look ...

Santa Caught

Santa Caught
Bad tv commercial parody of a Santa being disrespected!

Santa Gets No Respect

Santa Gets No Respect
When does Santa feel OTL?

Santa's Party

Santa's Party
Santa goes OTL!

Santa Shopping

Santa Shopping
What happens when Santa tries to get help in a store?

Polar Penguin Pop

Polar Penguin Pop
When polar bear meets penguin.


What does Santa do in the off-season?

Santa Squid

Santa Squid
When do you know your store front Santa is OTL?

Santa Tummy Tuck

Santa Tummy Tuck
Should Santa get a Tummy Tuck?

Sheep Reflect on Christmas

Sheep Reflect on Christmas
Sheep reflect on Christmas!

Shark Necklace

Shark Necklace
What sharks give for Christmas

Silent Night Light

Silent Night Light
The star of Bethlehem as night light!

Snowman in an Hot Tub

Snowman in an Hot Tub
Snowman in an Hot Tub is ...

Snowman of the Apes

Snowman Scarf

Snowman Scarf
Why are snowmen OTL?

A Snowy Christmas Eve

A Snowy Christmas Eve
Nothing OTL about this scene!

Christmas Star

Christmas Star
Star of Bethlehem, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Star Mural

Christmas Star Mural
Sheep and Shepherd's enjoy the giant nightlight known as ...

Stupid Holiday Commercial

Stupid Holiday Commercial
Stupid holiday commercials!

Stupid Jewelry Ideas

Stupid Jewelry Ideas
BFF and True-love two-diamond ring is ...

Superhero Gifts

Superhero Gifts
What to get that superhero that has everything...

Supervillain Gifts

Supervillain Gifts
What super-villains give to their kids for Christmas ...

Underwater Christmas

Underwater Christmas
When fish try to celebrate Christmas ...

Unusual Santa Advice

Unusual Santa Advice
What happens when a department store Santa gives advice on the true meaning of Christmas?

Vampire and Santa

Vampire and Santa
A vampire contemplates Santa and his ability to sneak into houses.

Waiting Up for Santa

Waiting Up for Santa
Out to Lunch or good plan?

When Commercials Go Wrong

When Commercials Go Wrong
How do you know that a commercial has gone horribly wrong?

A Wiener Dog Christmas

A Wiener Dog Christmas
A Dachshund (wiener dog) plots to join Santa.

Wiener Dog Sleigh

Wiener Dog Sleigh
Rudolph's Bad Idea

Wisemen Flat

Wisemen Flat
Camel problems on the way to the forum.

Wisemen GPS

Wisemen GPS
Plan B by the wisemen ...

Wise Men in NY

Wise Men in NY
When did the Wisemen know they were out to lunch?

Wish for Santa

Wish for Santa
When is a child's wish OTL?

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