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Army of Fun

EMO is Just Like Elmo

Cup o Crack

Valium Coffee

Free OJ!

There's Also No I...

I Fake Orgasms!

I Ride The Short Bus!

I Love Vodka!

Vodka Breath

The Order of the Penis

Bad Mother Fucker

Steal This Shirt.com

I Love Pussy

Jane Likes Dick!

Don't Hate Me Because You're Ugly

Office Slut

Drink Like a Fish, Puke Like a Rock Star!

Blow Me!

You're Dumb.

Linux by Choice

Cops Like Big Busts!

I Always Give 100%

I Like My Water With Barley and Hops.

I Have the Body of a God!

Natty Ice!

Nice Melons!

You are Lost.

It's not me, it's you.

Calm Down at the Disco

You'll Do.

You Make Me Feel Happy in My Pants.


Happy Hour is the Happiest Hour!

I WORK at the Porn Shop

I Like Chardonnay

Yes, I was on COPS

I'm From Rhode Island


Tom is My Only Friend

Wingdings: Suck my Dick!

A Hard on doesn't count as personal growth.

Penicillin: Because What Happens in Vegas Doesn't

Love or Sex?

Hell's Living Room

Beer Holder

My Dick...

I Make Stuff Up

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend was Slutty...

Talk Nerdy to Me

Mad Nunchuck Skills

Guns Don't Kill People

Support Our Ribbon Magnet Industry

Hello My Name is Dick Enya

Anita Dickinme

My Boyfriend's Out of Town.

Muff Diver!

Eye Candy!

Will Work For Sex!

Born Again Virgin

Boys are Stupid!

Remember My Name

Cock Rock Hero!

I Love Mallets!

My Dog Ate My Homework!

My Dog Told Me To Kill You.

You Say Tomato.

I'm Flat Chested


I Like Porn

I Love Penis!

I Need More Afro in my Aphrodisiac

My Name is Pussy Galore

Vodka - Just Like Water

I Put Out

The 19th Hole

Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Psycho Ex-Boyfriend

Inspected By #5

Steal Stuff From Work!

They're Not Fake, They're Custom

Urinal Cakes

Why Do People Buy T-Shirts?

Use Me For Sex

Man Whore

Being Sober Sucks!

Math is Power

665 The Neighbor of the Beast

I'm High on Life! (and Pot!)

Stud - The Male Slut

I'm Not a Masturbator I'm a Vibator


Ice Queen

I Masturbate Left-Handed

I'm Cute When You're Drunk


Drunk Chicks Dig Me

Cereal Killer

Got Crack?

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