Obama Doubt: Stickers, Shirts & Buttons vs. Obama

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When Barack Obama gave a speech in which we heard him promise to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, he won our vote in the primaries. But June 20, 2008, Barack Obama declared his support for H.R. 6304, a bill that enables warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, searches of your home and your property without your knowledge, without a warrant, anywhere and any time the government wants.

Yes, Barack Obama did that. Read irregulartimes.com/hr6304.pdf for yourself to see what Barack Obama has sided with.

We used to be an Obama supporters. Now we are Obama doubters. We are not political robots, and we are not political slaves, so even though we strongly oppose the agenda of John McCain, we feel we must express our reservations regarding the emerging double agenda of Barack Obama.

You want us off your backs, Mr. Obama? Then defend the Constitution. It's what you swore you would do. Until then, we will exercise the freedom that seems to bother you so -- the freedom to express our dissent from your increasingly authoritarian political message.

If you agree with us, don't be silent about it: express your Obama doubts with one of these bumper stickers, buttons, or t-shirts opposing the Obama agenda. The 2008 election season is your last chance to speak out and have a candidate actually care -- your last chance for four long years.

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