The New Communist Oregon State Flag

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The New Communist Oregon State Flag

The people of Oregon have spoken. The people in the armpit of liberal social communism have made their choice clear. They are in favor of complete government control over everything in their lives.

On January 26, 2010, the majority of Oregonians elected to raise income taxes, giving the state even more power, money and control over people and business. They elected to punish those who are smarter, work harder and are more successful. By doing so, businesses are less able to help their employees prosper and in most cases will have to lay off even more people or even close as the cost of doing business goes up. Because of this more people will have to turn to government help giving the government more control and say of how they can live.

On Election Day 2007, the majority of Oregonians elected to give the government complete control over their property. The government is also now a co-owner of their homes and property and will dictate what they can or cannot do with their homes including whether or not you can sell it. The government can now also take away their property if it simply wants to. The people of Oregon willingly have given up all of their property rights to the government.

On election day of 2006 the voters decided to continue to endorse the liberal totalitarianism values of communist socialism that have dictated the direction of the Northwest for over two and a half decades, and now beyond.

The people have made it crystal clear that they love paying higher taxes. They enjoy being told what to do and when they can do it. They admire a fascist education system that teaches children that they only need to rely on the government and that parents are evil and God does not exist. They applaud a school system that screams that it needs more money, so the corrupt bureaucrats can line their pockets with cash bonuses. They are in awe of a government that allows children to do whatever they want but still holds only the parents responsible. They take pleasure in a government that dictates how business can be run. They relish in a government that will tell what you can and cannot do on your property and then take it away if they feel like it. They take comfort in a government that controls every aspect of their lives, so that they do not have to be responsible for their own decisions. They idolize a government that punishes those that strive for success and rewards those that are too lazy to anything for themselves. They savor the oppression that the government gives them over their personal choices, their freedom, their money, their personal growth and happiness.

For those of you that support socialism and communism; For those of you that are willing to give up all your rights to the government; For those of you that in favor of the government controlling every aspect of your lives; I present to you your new Oregon State flag.

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