The Most Famous Guy in Town

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The Most Famous Guy in Town

Too much money? Perhaps this selection of unique items can help. Note that when I say "unique", I mean it not in the literal sense, but in the advertising sense. Then again, it's not like this crap's selling like hotcakes; your bought-n-paid-for treasure will be about as close to unique as it gets. Especially if you get the Mariner Probe Commemorative Mug. Man, *nobody*'s buying that. . . . . .

By the way, I think that's actually a Soviet "Venera" probe that Oucher-Poucher's munching on there, but I didn't want anybody making syphillis jokes or whatever. Hey, I was in elementary school once, I know how it goes. . . . . . . .

Special bonus thanks to Mr. Dwayne Martineau for his helpful help, particularly the design of the TREATY X shirt, which is by far the best thing on this shelf, and our most popular product -- four whole units shifted! Watch your ass, novelty-shirt Establishment tycoons... it's about to be ROCKED SOLID. . . . . . . . .

Just one more thing, dear readers and stumblers-past... my credit card is maxed right out and will be for some time, and I really want one of my "Nice Claup" shirts. Who wants to buy me a present? Seriously. Thanks in advance.

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