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You have finally come to understand that there are many, many more prokaryotes than there are eukaryotes. Heck, there are more prokaryotic cells in and on YOU than there are cells OF you!

So now think about the cruel oppression that led to a hapless ancestor of the alpha proteobacters being enslaved by a primitive eukaryotic cell. Ditto in plants, as cyanobacteria became chloroplasts. After billions of years of enslavement, we are all part prokaryote! But does that ancient enslavement sound fair to you?

You can now agitate for your mitochondria to throw off their symbiotic shackles, and become independent once more! Tell your houseplants to release their chloroplasts, as well.

Enhance your Prokaryotic Pride by showing solidarity with mitochondria and chloroplasts.

Power to the prokaryotes, comrades!

(For more "prokaryotic pride" related items, visit the other shops at MicrobesRuleI and MicrobesRuleII ).

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